Cat Insides Crate with Human Hand Stroking It's Cheek
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Premieres Monday, July 5 at (All day)

While millions of pets are adopted from shelters and animal rescue facilities every year, many new owners don't expect the transformational impact their new furry family members will have on their lives. In these three books, experience the emotional and physical benefits rescue pets can provide: Heather Green's memoir To Catch a Cat about how three rescue kittens altered the course of her life; Happily Ever Esther, Steve Jenkins' and Derek Walter's chronicle of their lives with a 600-pound micro-pig; and Mutual Rescue by Carol Novello, which dives into the benefits of animal adoption through people's experience and scientific evidence. You will find additional recommended books and an invitation to both a virtual and an outdoor discussion in your kit. Kit registration and pickup begins Monday, June 21.