Vigo County Public Library (VCPL) recognizes and supports the public’s rights to free speech that include expressive activities such as distributing information, canvassing, presenting speeches, and advocating views or positions. VCPL also recognizes that it has an obligation to provide library services to the public in an environment where safe and unobstructed ingress and egress to library premises is provided, personal privacy and access are maintained, and use of library services is free from obtrusion. Therefore, VCPL has established this policy with reasonable time, place, and manner regulations to allow free speech while ensuring that the rights of others to use library services are not unduly impeded or disrupted.


  1. Persons wishing to engage in expressive activities on library premises must obtain permission in advance from one of the following members of Library Administration: Executive Director, Division Director, or Department Manager.
  2. The Library Administration member granting permission will designate an area for such activity that is safe and ensures that library users will have unobstructed ingress and egress to VCPL premises.
  3. The approved activity may take place only during VCPL regular operating hours and only in the area or location designated by a Library Administration member for such use.
  4. The approved activity may not hinder access to library services or intrude on the privacy of library users.
  5. The conduct of persons granted permission for such activity must be in compliance with VCPL policies and all federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and statutes.
  6. Activities may not include commercial or fund raising purposes and may not be used directly or indirectly for soliciting money, donations, or raising funds through the selling of goods or services.
  7. The use of signs, banners, tables, chairs, or other furniture or equipment used for the activity must be approved. VCPL reserves the right to remove and dispose of any such unattended materials.


  1. Expressive activities – Includes, but is not limited to, non-commercial activities such as: distributing leaflets, flyers, pamphlets, and or other formats used for distributing information; canvassing; presenting speeches or performances; and or assembly.
  2. Library premises – Includes the buildings, grounds, walkways, and parking areas of the Main and West Branch Library. Use of library meeting rooms and collaborative spaces is subject to the VCPL Meeting Room Policy.
  3. Canvass/Canvassing – Includes opinion sampling, poll-taking, campaigning, petition passing, or other similar activities.

The activities of those granted permission to engage in expressive activities on library premises are not a reflection of the policies, opinions, or views of VCPL and should not be interpreted as an endorsement or support of such activity.

Adopted by the Vigo County Public Library Board of Trustees on the 17th day of February 2020.