Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service that allows a user at one library to borrow materials that are owned by another library. Vigo County Public Library participates in ILL as both a borrowing and lending library. Any VCPL user with a valid card can submit an ILL request for items that VCPL does not own. VCPL acts as an intermediary by finding the material at a lending library, requesting the item, loaning it to the user, and then returning the item to the owning library. VCPL also lends items it owns to other libraries to fulfill requests. ILL service is available at no cost for VCPL card holders.

VCPL utilizes Interlibrary Loan Services through Worldshare, a service provided by OCLC, Inc. (Online Computer Library Center, Inc.) and an in-state system, SRCS (Statewide Remote Circulation Service) provided by the Indiana State Library.

The guidelines below are also compliant with the American Library Association’s Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States, available at

The borrowing of library materials from other libraries is determined by the following:

  1. ILL service is available to Vigo County Public Library patrons who hold a valid borrowers card.

  2. The Vigo County Public Library will only borrow from libraries that do not charge a fee for ILLservice.

  3. The loan period for ILL materials is determined by the lending library, and requests for renewalmust be approved by the lending library. The lending library may also place restrictions on howthe material may be used.

  4. Vigo County Public Library borrowers who have not returned ILL items on time are subject tothe Vigo County Public Library Circulation Policy. Fees for lost or damaged items aredetermined by the lending library. Even if the ILL material is returned, the borrower may still beresponsible for replacement costs for long overdue items if VCPL has already paid the lendinglibrary for the item.

The Lending of library materials owned by the VCPL to other libraries is determined by the following:

  1. ILL requests are accepted using OCLC, SRCS, ALA forms, fax or telephone.

  2. Loan period is eight (8) weeks. VCPL has the right to place restrictions on how its librarymaterials may be used by the borrowing library.

  3. Vigo County Public Library complies with all federal copyright laws and may limit or restrict thecopying of library materials pursuant to the compliance of federal statutes.

  4. When materials are overdue, ILL staff notify the borrowing library. A BILL FORREPLACEMENT is submitted to the borrowing library when the borrowing library indicates thatthe material has been lost.

The above policies may be amended at any time without notice. The Vigo County Public Library reserves the authority to alter the application of the above policies should extraordinary or emergency circumstances warrant.

Adopted by the Vigo County Public Library Board of Trustees on the 17th day of May 2021.