How do I donate items to Vigo County Public Library?

Vigo County Public Library accepts donations, but the Library does have donation guidelines. The Library accepts the following items for donation:

Books & audiobooks • Puzzles, tabletop games & video games • Magazines & comic books • Vinyl records, CDs, DVDs & Blu-ray discs

Donating is easy and appreciated. You must box or bag items that you wish to donate and bring them to any kiosk at any Library location. Call 812.645.3624 to make arrangements for large donations. Due to the volume of donations received, please do not pack items in boxes, bags, or totes you will need returned.

Note: Please do not donate any of the following:

Dirty, moldy or damaged materials • VHS tapes • Items marked Gallery Proof, Not for Sale or Advanced Reading Copy • Text books or encyclopedia sets that are more than five years old.

How do I donate items that might have historical significance? Like old correspondence, photos and scrap books?

The Library’s Special Collections staff is willing to discuss accepting these donations and on some occasions may recommend another organization or institution better suited to house the items. If you have questions, please stop by and speak to our Special Collections Staff. You may also call 812.232.1116 or email

Are my donations tax-deductible?

All donations made to Vigo County Public Library are tax deductible. When making your donation, please request a Material Donation Receipt form for tax purpose.