Main Library
Meeting Rooms A, B & C
Tuesday, August 5 12:10 pm to 1:40 pm
Join us for a very special performance by Hanover College's River's Institute Traveling Theatre! "Ghost Light" by Chyna CheaneyA young boy conquers the fear that keeps him from pursuing his dreams with the help of two great Hoosier performers from the heyday of vaudeville."Rex Stout Rings Again" by James WylderIndiana author Rex Stout finds himself caught in a mystery straight out of one of his novels. How will he solve the case and clear his name?Crosier in Arcadia (excerpt) by Tom EvansAs a young man, Sidney Crosier abandoned a promising art career in Cincinnati and the opportunity to study in Europe to take care of his aging mother in Corydon, but he continued painting until his death in 1930.