Community Locations
Woodrow Wilson Middle School Auditorium
Premieres Tuesday, April 21 at 6:00 pm

All Ages: In her heart-warming novel
Chester and Gus, Cammie McGovern
introduces Chester, a compassionate
pup who has always dreamed of being a
service dog. When it looks like his dream
will never come true, Chester is adopted
to be a companion for Gus, a ten-year old boy on the autism spectrum.
Chester wasn't trained to interact with
a child like Gus and must put all his skills
to the test to learn how to communicate
with his new person.
After her presentation, McGovern will
sign copies of her book and therapy
dogs from Love on a Leash® will be in
attendance to make new friends. Young
Hoosier Book Award Author Night is
presented by the Vigo County Public
Library in support of the Vigo County
School Corporation's Battle of the Books.