Woman practicing speech
Digital Programs
Wednesday, June 15 at (All day)

Do you get anxious at the thought of giving a presentation to a large group? You’re not alone; public speaking is one of the top five fears people experience. Learn how to overcome this common fear, develop your voice, and prepare for a speech with help from Curt Simmons, a best-selling author, trainer, and multi-media expert. Visit bit.ly/vcpl_publicspeaking to register or browse more than 300 other courses.

A Woman Writing in a Notebook
Digital Programs
Wednesday, May 18 at (All day)

Are you or your organization looking for new sources of funding for special projects, but find the process of researching and writing grant proposals intimidating? Instructor Nancy Robinette, a twenty-year veteran of writing successful proposals and receiving funding, will walk you through the common errors that cause grant proposals to be rejected, teach you how to prepare the necessary documents, and even explain what to do if you do-or don't-receive funding. Visit bit.ly/vcpl_ grantproposals to register or browse more than 300 other courses.

Close-Up of 3D Printer
Main Library
Haute Create
Tuesday, May 31 at 6:00 pm

Ages 9 & Up: 3D printers are available for your use in Haute Create, but do you know how to make or print your own files? Learn the best practices for preparing your file to print and for using Haute Create's 3D printers safely with Intro to 3D Printing. Customers who wish to use Haute Create's 3D printer independently must complete this class.