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 Vigo County Journal.  Volume 6, No. 6.  (June 27, 1925)
Terre Haute: Vigo County Farm Bureau of Indiana.


Description of pages


Part 1

First National Bank of Terre Haute

Boyer-Pickens Battery Company


Part 2

"Illinois Men in Indiana Wheat Pool:
  Officials Arrange for Growers to
  Become Members and Market
  Grain Through Hoosier Selling

"Farm Bureau Leader on
  City Council"

"Jardine Will Speak at Illinois Meeting"

"Product Show Gains Support:  Service
  and Business Clubs Join Farm Groups
  in Planning Unusual Exhibit at Stadium"
  (cont'd on p. 4)


Part 3

"County Picnic Holds Interest:  Vigo Farm
  Bureau Groups Plan Great Gathering at
  Deming Park"

"Purdue Gets Out Book for Poultry Growers"

"School Provided for Club Reporters to
  Assist Junior Extension Activities"

"Indiana Canners Give Fellowship for
  Purdue Work"

"Vigo Milk Producers to Discuss Problems"

"Product Show Gains Support"
  (cont'd from p. 3)

Commercial Printing Company


Part 4

"Girls Often Err in Food Habits:
  Survey During Round-up Shows Many
  Neglect Proper Ration"

Herz's Department Store


Part 5

"How to Advertise Farm Resources"

"Farm School Name Changed"

" ' Leave Cars at Home' "

"Boys and Girls Buy Camp Site"

"Credit Bank Assists Farmers"

Officers of the Vigo County Farm Bureau
  (list of names)


Part 6

"Training Camp Assists Leaders:
  Experiment Proves Value of Group
  Schools in Community Work"

"Profits in Soy Beans Shown By
  Purdue Study"

"Cultivation Kills Pesky Cockleburs"

Terre Haute Savings Bank


Part 7

"Western States Plan Gathering:
  Four Day Motorcade to Feature
 Farm Bureau Conference at
  Fort Collins"

"An Apple a Day Makes Real Freight"
  (by Joseph Hoffman, Junior School of
   Agriculture, Purdue University)

"Farm Work Leader Killed by Tractor"

"Farm Bureau Buys Twine for Members"

Wabash Commercial School

"Maples Suffer from Scales Pest:  Insects
  Cause Heavy Damage to Indiana Trees--
  Spray Will Control"

Terre Haute Trust Company


Part 8


Ideal Baking Company
  (advertisement for Holsum Bread)

Vigo County Journal


Part 9

"Farm Bureau] Meetings
  Arranged for Townships"

United States Trust Company of
  Terre Haute (advertisement)


Part 10

"Indiana Farmers Again Would
  Have World Corn Trophy"

"Clipping Hightop Would Help Meadow"

"Twenty Picnic Pointers"

Lewis Lockwood
  (advertisement for artificial limbs,
    braces and trusses)

Quick Welding & Machine Company

I. Eddis Department Store


Part 11

"Clubs to Enjoy District Camp:
  Boys and Girls in Junior Extension
  Work Will Attend Important Meeting"

"Cooperative Marketing Course
  Proves Popular"

"Try This for Moths"

"How Folk Buy Paint"

Vigola Flour (advertisement)

Krietenstein's Paint Store

W. F. Cummins Company


Part 12

"Purebred Dairy Cattle Sent
  to Brown County"

"Picnic Arranged for Club Members"

"Pretty Gay Old Mare"

Riehle's Locksmith (advertisement)

Harrison Smith
  (advertisement for Purina food


Part 13

Sterchi Jewelry and Music

Adam Snider & Company
  (advertisement for farm implements)

Terre Haute Tire Company

Bowles-Stafford Shoe Rebuilders