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 Vigo County Journal.  Volume 6, No. 5.  (May 12, 1925)
Terre Haute: Vigo County Farm Bureau of Indiana.


Description of pages


Part 1

First National Bank of Terre Haute

Boyer-Pickens Battery Company


Part 2

"Market Place Site is Leased:
  Fruit and Truck Growers Obtain
  Tract at Third and Walnut Streets"

"[U.S. Secretary of Agriculture] Jardine
  on Co-ops"

"Potato Club Keen on Work:  Boys and
  Girls Elect Officers and Report Fine
  Prospects for Large Yield"

"Wheat Pool Grows"


Part 3

"Bureau Makes Plan for Fourth [of July]:
  Program Looks to Nation-wide
  Observance of Independence Day"

"Points for Growing Flowers in Gardens"

I. Eddis Department Store

Vigola Flour (advertisement)

Commercial Printing Company

Stover's Flowers (advertisement)


Part 4

"Right Ration Insures Corn:  Tests
  Show Proper Soil Food and Treatment
  Solve Indiana Problem"

Herz's Department Store


Part 5

"Return the Old-Fashioned Custom"

"Potato Industry Becomes Important"

"Cooperative Movement is Growing"

"Better Homes Week"

Officers of the Vigo County Farm Bureau
  (list of names)


Part 6

"Stock Lease Plan Good for Farmers:
  Partnership Idea Gains Favor Since
  It Encourages Owner and Tennant"

"Farmers Watching Muscle Shoals Plan"

First National Bank of Terre Haute
  (picture showing remodeling of interior)

"Airplane Safe as a Train"

"Vegetables Replace Spring Tonic
  Worry:  Youngsters No Longer Need
  Fear Being Dosed with Sulphur and

"Make Survey Before Planting Potatoes"

Terre Haute Savings Bank

Wabash Commercial School


Part 7

"Gain in Population is Less than Average"

"Export More Grain, Less Meat"

"New Way to Thread Needle"

"Hearing Ordered on Dairy Imports"

Terre Haute Trust Company

Ideal Baking Company
  (advertisement for Holsum Bread)

Vigo County Journal


Part 8

"Sow and Pig Costs Shown By Records"

"School for Farm Women at
  State Fair Proposed"

United States Trust Company
  of Terre Haute (advertisement)


Part 9

"[Farm Bureau Meetings
  Arranged for Townships"

"Beet Growers Now Bargain Product"

Lewis Lockwood
  (advertisement for artificial limbs,
    braces and trusses)

John I. Akers
  (advertisement for radiators)

East End Garage (advertisement)

Quick Welding & Machine Company


Part 10

"Cooperative Groups Return Millions
  to their Members"

Krietenstein's Paint Shop

Radio Shop (advertisement)

W. F. Cummins Company
  (advertisement for farm equipment)


Part 11

"Van Hook and Nevins Get
  Farm Bureau Posts"

"More Farms Being Sold"

"Koscuisko Dairymen Keep
  Feed Records"

De Water Auto Top & Trimming Company

Riehle's Locksmith (advertisement)

Harrison Smith
  (advertisement for Purina food


Part 12

Sterchi Jewelry and Music

Adam Snider & Company
  (advertisement for farm implements)

Terre Haute Tire Company

Bowles-Stafford Shoe Rebuilders