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 Vigo County Journal.  Volume 6, No. 2.  (February 13, 1925)
Terre Haute: Vigo County Farm Bureau of Indiana.


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Part 1

First National Bank of Terre Haute

Boyer Battery Company


Part 2

"Vigo Poultry Raisers Organize:  Interest
  Develops in First School Which Results
  in New Association and Program for
  Extensive Work in County"
"[Fruit and Truck] Growers Order
   Buildings for Central Market"

"Cooperative Selling Pays Good Dividends"

"Orth Farm Sale"


Part 3

"Vigo Farmers Offered County Service Store:
  Plan is Considered to Provide Convenient
  Stocks of Feed, Fertilizer, Twine and Coal"

"Between Us Women"

"Meat Gives Protection Against Wintry Blasts"

Sparks Milling Company


Part 4

"Farm Business Short Course"

"Business Bureau"

Herz's (advertisement)


Part 5

"To Readers of the Journal"

"For Agriculture Equity"

"Where the Oil Comes From"

"Economy in New Coins"

Officers of the Vigo County Farm Bureau
  (list of names)


Part 6

"Producers Keep Denham:  Delegates
  Express Appreciation of Farm Bureau
  Support and Urge Radio Development"

"Farmer's Dollar Again Shows Gain
  in Buying Value"

United States Trust Company of
  Terre Haute (advertisement)


Part 7

"Birds in Winter--Monologue of
  the Meadowlark"
  (by Mrs. W. T. Gleason)

Krietenstein's (advertisement)

Wabash Commercial School

"Won By Going in Debt"

"Missouri Mule's Rival"


Part 8

"Wheat Pool Mails Checks to Growers:
  Indiana Association Distributes
  $552.528.61 Since Advance Payment
  to Growers who Pooled Crops"

"Foot and Mouth Disease in
  Southwest is Halted"

Terre Haute Trust Company


Part 9

"[Farm Bureau] Meetings Arranged
  for Townships"

Ideal Baking Company
  (advertisement for Holsum Bread)

Ehrmann & Company
  (advertisement for poultry products)


Part 10

"Will Muscle Shoals Product Solve
  Fertilizer Problem?"

"Boyer Extends Service:  Battery Man
  Adds Distribution of Stromberg

De Water Auto Top & Trimming Company

Terre Haute Savings Bank


Part 11

"Congress Holds Back Legislation
  for Farmers"

"Farm Bureau Radio"
  (programming schedule for Chicago
    station KYW on Tuesday and
    Thursday evenings)

"Auditing For Farmers"

Lewis Lockwood
  (advertisement for artificial limbs,
    braces and trusses)

John I. Akers
  (advertisement for radiators)

East End Garage (advertisement)

Indiana White Leghorn Farm
  (advertisement for day old chicks)

Quick Welding & Machine Company


Part 12

"Tomato Canners Will Buy Year's Crop
  at Price of $14 Ton"

"Farmers Institutes"

"Favorite Hymns Named"

Commercial Printing Company

Harrison Smith
  (advertisement for Purina food

"Dresser, Herd Prefix for Local Stock Man"

"Do You Know Birds?" (bird quiz)

Riehle's Locksmith (advertisement)

Radio Shop (advertisement)

W. F. Cummins Company
  (advertisement for farm equipment)

Indiana Farmer's Guide (advertisement)


Part 13

Fisbeck Harness Company

Adam Snider & Company
  (advertisement for farm implements)

Vigo County Journal