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 Vigo County Journal.  Volume 6, No. 11.  (November 30, 1925)
Terre Haute: Vigo County Farm Bureau of Indiana.


Description of pages


Part 1

First National Bank of Terre Haute

"[Elmer Williams] Wins Corn
  Husking Title"

"Johnsons Go to Capital"

"Field Mice Inflict Damage
  to Orchards"

 (advertisement for 24-hour
  cold capsules)

Sterchi Jewelry and Music


Part 2

"Vigo Dairies Get Fine Cattle:
  State Consignment of Holsteins
  Finds Ready Buyers at Good Prices"

"Edgar County Boy Speeds Corn Harvest"

"Growers Greet Market Expert: 
  Charles D. Kamp Explains Plans for
  Successful Handling of Produce"


Part 3

"MIlk Producers Are Incorporated:
  Association Provides Agency for
  Cooperative Marketing of Product"

"Scales Need Care in Winter Service"

Lafayette Feed Store

Krietenstein's Paint Store

Lamb Auto Top Shop

Fisbeck Harness Company


Part 4

"Women Display Home Made Hats:
  County Round Up Proves Value of
  Instruction in Needlework and Millinery"

Herz's Department Store


Part 5

"Vigo Dairy Herds Improved"

"Inventory of Indiana Farms"

Officers of the Vigo County Farm Bureau
  (list of names)


Part 6

"Townships Parade in Large
  Numbers on Armistice Day"

"Gold Medal Colt Club
  Gains in Popularity"

Ballard Typewriter Exchange

Deep Vein Coal Company

Terre Haute Savings Bank


Part 7

"Winter Pruning Helps Spraying:
  Increase of Scale Insects Makes
  Necessary Special Care of

Wabash Commercial School

Hotel Lorraine, Chicago

"Many Premiums in Potato Show:
  Prizes of Value Totaling $2500
  to be Awarded by State
  Vegetable Growers"

Terre Haute Trust Company


Part 8

"Flag Is Presented to
  Vigo School Club"

"Fiddlers Prove Class in
  Theatre Contest"

"Friends Give Sheriff
  Scottish Rite Ring"

Ideal Baking Company
  (advertisement for Holsum Bread)

Commercial Solvents Corporation

Boyer Pickens Battery Company

Vigola Flour (advertisement)

"Vitamins in Meat Depend on
  Feed Given Animals"

Lewis Lockwood
  (advertisement for artificial limbs,
    braces and trusses)

Clabber Girl Baking Powder

United States Trust Company of
  Terre Haute (advertisement)


Part 9

Adam Snider & Company
  (advertisement for farm implements)

Hazledine's Machine Shop

Bowles-Stafford Shoe Rebuilders

Adrian Beecher, Attorney-at-law

Quick Welding & Machine Company

Boyer & Watson, Auctioneers

Riehle's Locksmith

Martin Photo Shop