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 Vigo County Journal.  Volume 5, No. 14.  (October 29, 1924)
Terre Haute: Vigo County Farm Bureau of Indiana.


Description of pages


Part 1

Otis Cook, Democratic candidate for
  Prosecuting Attorney of Vigo County

First National Bank of Terre Haute


Part 2

"Vigo County Farmers Must Turn the Trick:
  If the Farmer Expects Help in His Struggle
  for Progress It Must Come from His Own
  Ranks--Cooperative Control of Buying and
  Selling is Only Solution"


Part 3

"Michikoff Should be Standard Indiana Wheat"
  (article from the Department of Soil and Crops,
  Purdue University)

W. F. Cummins Company
  General machinists and blacksmiths

Wabash Commercial School


Part 4

"Membership Drive" [for Farm Bureau]

"Banquet Closes Years Work
  [for the Gardeners and Fruit Growers

Fred Armstrong, Democratic candidate
  for Sheriff of Vigo County (advertisement)

Adam Snider & Company
  (advertisement for the South Bend
    Malleable Range)


Part 5

"Farmers Organizations"

"Dont's for Voters"
"No [Corn] Surplus"

"Better Times"

Officers of Vigo County Farm Bureau
  (list of names)


Part 6

"Household Helps"

Interstate Salvage Company
  (Advertisement for "Terre Haute's
    Original Army and Navy Store")


Part 7

"The Job of the Farm College of the
  Present Day" (cont'd on p. 9)

William T. Gleason, Candidate for
   Judge of Superior Court No. 2

Sterchi Jewelry and Music


Part 8

"Farm College..." (cont'd from p. 8)

Brown's Business College

Ideal Baking Company
  (advertisement for Holsum Bread)

Riehle's Locksmith (advertisement)

East End Garage (advertisement)

Isaac Ball Undertaking Company


Part 9

"Vigo County Farmers Urged to
  Carry Own Insurance"

De Water Auto Top & Trimming Company

Terre Haute Savings Bank


Part 10

"Home Demonstration Agent"

"Why I Should Be Elected"
  by Fred Stalnaker, Candidate
  for County Clerk

"Candidate for Prosecutor"
  (Mr. Cook, Democratic candidate)

Harrison Smith
  (advertisement for Purina Poultry Chows)


Part 11

"Just Between Us Women"

Krietenstein's Paint Store

Elite Radiator and Fender Company


Part 12

"Parent Teacher Club Activities"

Herz's Department Store


Part 13

"Membership Drive Continues Progress"
  (for Farm Bureau)

"Dairy Council Formed by Milk Producers"

"Rigney Re-elected as Federation Head"

Needham & Slinkard, Dentists

Ehrmann & Company Poultry Food

Farm Bureau (advertisement)

Will Church for Prosecuting Attorney

Myers Brothers Clothing Store


Part 14


Winfield Fox, Democratic candidate
  for Judge, Superior Court 2

Lovell Motor Company

"Do You Know that Hogs Need Hay Now?:
  Edgar Cooley Tells Why Hay is Essential
  to Hogs in Winter"

"Apple Jelly with Variations"

Terre Haute Trust Company


Part 15

"County Bureaus Hurry Selection
  of Seed Corn"


Lewis Lockwood
  (Advertisement for artificial limbs,
     braces and trusses)

Radio Shop (advertisement)

Sparks Milling Company


Part 16

Boyer Battery Company

Pentecost & Craft
   (advertisement for ball-bearing
     cream separators)