Leslie I. Whitton's Diary and Photos
Dates: 1917-1918
Accession Number: 800604E
Donor: Eunice Whitton
Description: Nine file folders in a flat storage box,
                            seven bundles of photographs in map drawer #4;
                            includes 209 photographs

Content and Scope of Collection

As a rookie in World War I, Leslie Whitton (1892-1972) kept a diary of his experiences during his first days in army training camp, near St. Louis, Missouri. Before going overseas, Whitton mailed the diary as a letter to his mother.

Photographs of the Verdun Front in France during World War I make up the rest of the collection. They were taken and finished by the First Army Corps, to which Whitton was attached as a member of the 1st Photo Section - A. E. F.