Veterans of World War One, Department of Indiana
  and Auxiliary
Dates: 1964
Accession Number: 20020201B
Donor: Vigo County Historical Society
Description: Two folders in a document case

History of Veterans of World War I

The Veterans of World War I of the U.S.A., Inc., was organized in 1948 by a group of veterans in Cleveland, Ohio. The group was legally incorporated as a non-profit Corporation under the General Corporation Act of Ohio on December 5, 1949 with the principal office located in Cleveland.

The Articles of Incorporation (No. 215641) lists the purposes of the Veterans of World War I as follows:

  • "To unite in fraternal, civic, and social comradeship those who have served honorably in the Armed Forces of the United States, during the period of World War One as defined by the Congress of the United States, and to provide for their welfare in health, sickness and distress; to give aid to the families and dependents of our deceased comrades; to seek and labor for preferential legislation and the enactment of laws, in Federal, State, and local legislative bodies, which laws may be beneficial to our comrades who served honorably in World War 1."
  • The First National Encampment (convention) of the Veterans of World War I was held in Baltimore, Maryland in November 1953. At this time, a nation-wide membership drive was launched to recruit eligible veterans. The organization peaked at 229,000 members in 1968.

    The Veterans of World War I of the United States of America was incorporated by the 85th Congress, H.R. 11077, on July 18, 1958 (Public Law 85-530), and declared to be a corporate body of the District of Columbia.

    Veterans of World War I, Inc. conducts memorial services on Veterans Day, November 11, at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and at the grave of John J. (Black Jack) Pershing, General of the Armies during World War I. Both sites are located at Arlington National Cemetery.

    The Veterans of World War I no longer have an office, staff, or employees. One volunteer remains who has been with them for 26 years, Muriel Sue (Parkhurst) Kerr. Of the original 4,234,991 who wore the uniform of the United States Armed Forces during the First World War, less than 600 of them are alive as of January 2002. Their ages range from 98 to 116 years.


    Donor Information: These records were among other records donated by the Vigo County Historical Society which received the materials from Mr. Damon, 201 East Miller in Rosedale, Indiana. The records were delivered along with material from other organizations that used the former Memorial Hall (219 Ohio Street in Terre Haute) as a meeting site.


    Content and Scope of Collection

    This collection consists of 8 copies of the 1964 convention program of the Veterans of World War I, Department of Indiana.

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    Convention program
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    Convention program
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