Under Canvass
Date: 1862
Accession Number: 990302G
Donor: Unknown
Description: One book in an envelope in a document case

Content and Scope of Collection

Under Canvass was written by J. T. Pool, a journalist for the Terre Haute Express newspaper, who traveled with Company F of the Fourteenth Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry in 1861 and wrote dispatches on Company F's activities back to the newspaper. These dispatches were later compiled into a 64-page book published by Oliver Bartlett in 1862. At this date (July 2002), the book's binding is in poor shape and the last two pages of the book are missing.

The full title of the book is Under Canvass, or, Recollections of the Fall and Summer Campaign of the 14th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, Col. Nathan Kimball, in Western Virginia, in 1861. As its subtitle indicates, the book "contain[s] incidents of scouting parties, skirmishes, battles, anecdotes of the war, life around the campfires, etc."

Mustered in on June 7, 1861 as a three-year regiment, the Fourteenth Regiment was formed by soldiers from the following Indiana counties: Vigo, Parke, Vermillion, Putnam, Clay, Owen, Greene, Sullivan, Knox, and Vanderburgh. From July 1861 to December 1861, when Pool was reporting on their activities, Company F of the Fourteenth Regiment was headquartered in present-day West Virginia and participated in the battles of Cheat Mountain (September 12, 1861) and Green Briar (October 3, 1861).

On page 62, Pool indicates that the regiment received orders on December 2, 1861 to, "brake up camp at Hutton[s]ville and go into winter quarters at [Philippi]." He then announces his intent of recounting the 1862 campaign in a second book which does not appear to have been published.

Background material about Company F and about the book itself are included in the inventory folder for this collection.