Eighty-Fifth Regiment, Indiana Volunteers
Dates: Aug. 1862-November 1862
Accession Number: Sm. D.C. 27A
Donor: Vigo County Historical Society
Description: 1 folder in a small document case


The Eighty-Fifth Regiment, Indiana Volunteers was organized at Camp Vigo in Terre Haute on September 2, 1862. The regiment was commanded by Colonel John P. Baird.

The 85th Regiment was headquartered in Kentucky until February 1863 when it marched to Franklin, Tennessee. At its first engagement, the battle of Thompson's Station (March 5, 1863), the regiment suffered heavy losses in killed and wounded. Surrounded by the troops of Nathan Bedford Forrest, the regiment surrendered and was sent to Libby Prison in Richmond, Virginia.

The 85th Regiment was released from Libby Prison as part of a prisoner exchange on March 31, 1863. In June 1863, the regiment returned to Tennessee and patrolled the railroad between Nashville and Chattanooga. In April 1864 the regiment joined up with General William Tecumseh Sherman's march toward Atlanta, Georgia, participating in every major engagement of the campaign up to the capture of the Confederate capital in Richmond, Virginia in April 1865.

The 85th Regiment was mustered out of service in Washington, D.C. on June 12, 1865.


Content and Scope of Collection

This collection contains photocopies of correspondence, general orders, and special orders issued by the command of the 85th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers from August 1862 to November 1862.

These items were found in a folder labelled "Thompson, R.W." that was donated to the VCPL Community Archives by the Vigo County Historical Society.

Small Document Case 27A





Folder 1

General Order No. 1: Rules, regulations and daily schedule for "calls of the Regiment"

Aug. 16, 1862





General Order No.27: Prohibition of gambling

Oct. 3, 1862





General Order No. 34: Announcement of troop inspection

Nov. 7, 1862





General Order No. 40: Non-commissioned officers to be treated as regular officers

Nov. 25, 1862





Special Order No. 10: Appointment of Charles T. Rowlinson as Sergeant Major)

Sept. 13, 1862




Special Order No. 11: Appointment of George E. Farrington as Colonel's Orderly

Sept. 13, 1862





Order No. ?: Commanding officer will read the "Articles of War" to the regiment on October 5, 1862.

Oct. 4, 1862




Letter from Post Commandant Colonel R. W. Thompson to Colonel John P. Baird

Sept. 7, 1862




Letter from Lt. Colonel A. B. Crane
to Colonel John P. Baird

Oct. 2, 1862