Civil War Letters of William A. Black
Dates: 1864-1865; 1870-1871; 1882
Accession Number: SM D.C. 14A
Donor: David Johnston
Description: Fourteen envelopes in a small document case

Content and Scope of the Collection

The items in this collection were given to the library by former board member, David Johnston. He acquired them from Jack Black, 887 West Summit Circle, Chandler, Arizona 85224, a retiree of the Terre Haute First National Bank.

This collection primarily contains the Civil War letters of William A. Black written to his father Josiah O. Black. Also included are a few miscellaneous items and letters belonging to Black family members.

William A. Black and brother Wiley O. Black were mustered into the Union Army, Company D of the 11th Cavalry (126th Indiana Regiment) on January 21, 1864.

The letters chronicle some of the regiment's activities near Larkinsville, Alabama, and the campaign near Nashville, Tennessee. In July 1865, William A. Black was stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, and discusses the Indian War with the Pottawatomie. William and Wiley were discharged from the army September 19, 1865.

Born January 29, 1845, William Albert Black is the son of Jane G. Carson and Josiah O. Black. For related material, see the Black Family file in Special Collections. William A. Black died in 1922 and is buried with several other family members in Black Cemetery near the Illinois border west of West Terre Haute.

Small Document Case  

Envelope 1

Letter from Capt. C. A. Goodwin
(Camp Shanks, Indianapolis)
to W. A. Black and W. O. Black

Feb. 5, 1864




Envelope 2

Letter from William Black (Tennessee)
to J. O. Black

May 21, 1864




Envelope 3

Letter from William A. Black
Paint Rock Bridge, near Larkinsville) Alabama

June 2, 1864




Envelope 4

Letter from William A. Black
to J. O. Black

June 29, 1864




Envelope 5

Letter from William A. Black
(Larkinsville, Alabama)
to Josiah O. Black
(Terre Haute, IN)
(with envelope)

July 20, 1864


Envelope 6

Letter from William A. Black
to Josiah O. Black
(Terre Haute)
(with envelope)

Aug. 19, 1864




Envelope 7

Letter from William A. Black
(Camp near Nashville, Tenn.)
to Josiah Black

Dec. 14, 1864




Envelope 8

Letter from William A. Black
(Camp near Rolla, Missouri)
to Josiah O. Black
(with envelope)

June 13, 1865




Envelope 9

Letter from William A. Black
to John W. Black,  Francis M. Black, Huldah B. Black
(with envelope addressed to Josiah O. Black)

June 14, 1865




Envelope 10

Letter from William A. Black
(Kansas, Fort Riley)
to Josiah O. Black
(Terre Haute)
(with envelope)

July 7, 1865


Envelope 11

Postcard to Wiley O. Black,
Macksville, Vigo County,
regarding claim for pension
from Department of the Interior

Feb. 14, 1890


Envelope addressed to Josiah O. Black






Note for loan of $100.00





Envelope 12

Letter from James Low?
(Guthrie, Iowa)
to Wiley O. Black

March 26, 1870




Envelope 13

Letter from W. J. Long
to Wiley O. Black

Feb. 27, 1871




Envelope 14

Letter from Friedrich Lutz
(Charleston, IL)
to William A. Black
(13 West Main St., Terre Haute)
(with envelope)

May 1, 1882