Margaret Beecher Papers
Dates: 1970-1979
Accession Number: 800617B
Donor: Unknown
Description: Eight file folders in a document case

Content and Scope of Collection

Margaret (Mrs. Samuel) Beecher was the Indiana Coordinator for the National League of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia, 1970-1971. The Beechers were the parents of Quentin R. Beecher, MIA.

The collection contains mostly state reports and newsletters. Margaret Beecher was active in disseminating information concerning national efforts to secure the release of POWs and to obtain hard news about MIAs. A few other more personal, items of correspondence are mixed in with the official newsletters.

Document Case





Folder 1

State reports, newsletters,
  lists of prisoners





Folder 2

State reports, newsletters

1971, 1972




Folder 3

Letters and other papers of Mrs. Waldo
  F. Mitchell, grandmother of Quentin
  R. Beecher





Folder 4

Newspaper clippings about POWs






Letter to "Sixty Minutes" from Margaret
  M. and Samuel E. Beecher, Jr.

July, 1974




Folder 5

Snapshots of posters, float to remind
  people of POWs and MIAs





Folder 6

National League: Fact sheet

1970, 1971





List of state and regional coordinators

















Folder 7

Artist Shary Aument's "Unforgettable
  Faces," including portrait of Quentin
  R. Beecher





Folder 8

National League
  Barbara Mullen poem with note to Beechers






Barbara Mullen transcript of conversation
  with Frank Sieverts,  State Department

Oct. 1971





Program - May meeting, National
  League, Washington, D. C.

May 5-7, 1972





Vietnam veterans commemorative stamps (3)

Nov. 1979