Smith Family Letters


Letter from
Margaret Smith
to John W. Smith

March 7, 1863

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                                    Saturday night 
                                        March 7th/63
Dear Husband 
                                    I received two
letters from you this evening  one
written February 25th  the other March
5th (the one you sent with that gentle-
man from Hancock Co.)  I was sorry
to hear of Ben being so poorly but
nothing worse than I expected you
would find him of course we want
you to come home as soon as possi-
ble, but I want you to stay all
spring or until Ben gets well   if you
cant get him discharged   I canít think
of you leaving him the way he is his
if you cant get him discharged. 
We are getting along very well. Charly
has not done very excellent  there
has been a writing school going on
at Center school house.   he attended



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nearly every night and would come
up very late the next morning.  the
school is out tonight  I think perhaps
he will do better now  he has missed
seven days since you left.  Alvah
has done fine  he quit school in
a few days after you left home 
we are making sugar  made forty
pounds of and have two buckets of
surrup now   for the last two
days the water has run nicely.
      Mr. Henson has rented the camp
over the creek (gets two thirds) he
has made some sugar and molasses. 
I donít know how much. 
There was quite a snow fell
last night   several inches deep but
is all gone now   this week has
been very changeable   it snowed
one hour   the sun shining the next
nearly evry day   Janes school is
out next Thursday  she is not sorry



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  Jo Merritte has lost his wife  she
died two weeks last Wednesday his
boy is getting well.   Wash Moore
has moved in the house with
him he has hired Suse to take care
of his children  Old John Hadley
died last Thursday night  he was
ent sick but a few days  I guess
I dont know his disease.  Eel Hylton
died about week ago with cons-
umtion  he took a smothering
spell and died in about two
hours.  There is a good deal of sick-
ness through the country not any in
this neighborhood except Temma
McCalment   he has had the Tiphoid
fever so Bartholomew says but
is getting better  Roberts
Tomma has volunteered in the
state guard service. goes to Carters
burg twice a week to drill, he
has not moved yet but I guess


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  he will move on Alexís farm
he got three letters from his boys last
week   Jane got one from Wilson last
Saturday   he is in the same place
yet camped at Forest hill Tenn
on the Memphis and Charleston
railroad about 19 miles from Memphis. 
Hunt and old Smoots has gone in
partnership store keeping  dont you
recon they will have a nice time living
there together.  David Faucette went
to Virginia after Wils but did not
get him  he said Wils was able for
duty and he did not try to get him
discharged   Jake Miller did not get his
brother.   Alvah and Mrs. Hensons boys
are over in ther camp boiling sugar
water tonight  has not come home yet 
it is about ten oclock   I will have to
quit for tonight but will finish in
the morning.
Sunday morning   there was another
little snow fell last night but I
expect it will go off soon today.   We got
a letter from Joseph McClure yesterday 
they are well  he says he is left alone

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Temma is married and living
in skiler county and Wils is in the
army in the 18th Missouri regiment.  
Doc Hardin is in the army   he did
not say what regiment   he received
both your papers   he expects trouble out
there this summter summer.
  Alvah says the stock is all getting
along very well  the hogs are all well  
We are all well   I want you if
you keep well to stay with Ben
until he get well   if you cant
get him discharged  but get him
home if you can   I think he
will not stand it long there.
We got your first letter in about
two weeks after it was written
we received two letters from Ben
yesterday written before you went
down there one was written next
day after you he went in the hospital.



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this is our first letter to you we did
not know whether to write to you
or not you said in your first letter
you might be home in a day or two  
therefore we would not have kno
wn where to write any how but we
shall keep writing to you frequently
and we want you to do the same  
I shall be somewhat uneasy until
you return   I expect you will get
out of patience waiting for this
letter   they are always so long on the
road   I thought I would put in
haste on the invelope and perhaps
it would go through quicker   I
will have to close this time  I will
write again soon   if you do not
come home and I want you to do
the same   I dont know whether I
can get this in tomorrow morn
ings mail or not   I am going to try
   No more at present but remain
     yours     Margaret Smith to J. W. Smith



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.