Smith Family Letters


Letter from
I. W. Thompson
to Benjamin W. Smith

January 19, 1863

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                              Jan. 19th/1863

                          Mr. B.W. Smith
                                   Dear Sir
    I am ashamed to sit down
to rite to you but still
I will rite you a few lines to
let you know that I havent
forgot you.  if I havenít rote
but one reason was you did
not rite where to direct letters
to   I did know but I forgot.
but I will get the post
master to direct it for me.  you
advise the boys to stay at
home   I can tell you I am
one that Stays at home and
I would be glad if you was


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at home.  I have bin to
seveal parites and had lots
of fun.  My mary Coalman is
stil on hands.  I was at
Adam Holingsworth last
Sunday to a weding martha
Mullen and Tom Coalman
was married   They just more
than cut up they sit up
all night and bell the bed   
Tom liked to got mad   we all
bothered him to much.  I went
the rounds   I hadent quite as
much fun at the infair as I did
at the weding.  There is another
weding agoin off next wendsday
night  Hannah Reed and
Milt Jenkins   I dont know
weather I will go or not   I wish
you was at home and we would


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go June but where
you are a fellou but as well
try to bring the dead to life
as to try to get
away but I hope you will
live till your time is out
and get home anyhow.
I will bring this to close
for the presant and do better
next time  you must be
sure and rite I shall
never treat you so about
answering your letters any more 
So no more only I remain
your friend until death.

       (signed)  I.W. Thompson

                     B.W. Smith



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.