Smith Family Letters


Letter from
Benjamin W. Smith
to John W. Smith

January 11, 1863

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Lagrange, Tenn   Jan.11, 1863 

Dear father 
            I received
your letter dated Dec 25
last night   it found me
well as usual  I have the
Rheumatism and the piles  
We left Holly Springs last
Monday   we stoped on friday 
7 miles between Lagrange and
Masco it is 3 miles to Mosco
and 43 miles to Memphis  
We are railroad guards   I
dont know how long we
Will stay here maby not but
a few days when we leave here
we will go to memphis some
say from their to Vicksburg  
I did think the war was
about over but I donít thin
k so now.   


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There are more soldiers in tenn
than ever I saw before they
are all going to Memphis  
the road is full all the time  
You stated in your letter that
you started to see me and
found out that you could not
get through and you turned
back.   I would like to see
you but you could not
get to me then we were 40
miles from a railroad  
we were in a great big cane
brake if this letter comes
to hand before you start
down here I want you to bri
ng me something good to eat  
I am tired of uncle sams
grub tell Mother to save
me some of that caned fruit
some peaches if she has any


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and blackberries when we
get to Memphis I am going
to the hospitle or the fort 
if the regiment has to go
to Vicksburg you had better
not come to see me untill
then you cant get me disch
arged untill I get their
any how.   Their is no no body
that has the power to
discharge   I think we will
go their prety soon in a
few days you must bring
me lots to eat.   I am hungry  
I would like to have two
checked cotten shirts white
shirts get dirty to soon
and bring me my hat and
a pair of or two of socks.  
I have had to walk all
the time.  I had nothing to


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  carry untill friday then
I had the to carry my
knapsack   I did not
catch up with the Co
till satturday eleven
oclock   it rained all night
friday night  I staid in
a house   I slept well  
I got my five dollar bill
off at at Lagrange   I
bought two peach pies at twenty
cents a piece they were good
I tell you.  I priced a pie way
down in Mississippi and
the price was $3.00  50cts  
it was an oyster pie   they
have got lots of peaches
down here   I have no h
hart to write to day  
I don't know what is
the matter


  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.