Smith Family Letters


Letter from
William F. Adams
to Benjamin W. Smith

September 1862

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                      Helena   Ark      Sept     62

                                       Dear Friend
with plesur I will try to drop you
a few lines  I am well at present
and hop thies will find you well
and al so the rest of the family  
Wel Ben this is the third letter
I have rote to you and I have not
received aney answer yet.   I ? 
looking Eve’s ? now Ben I
am a goin to tel you what I
think about this dam ware my
opion   if if I was out of it I
that I would stay out of it
and my advise to you is just
stay if you or out of it stay
out would be my advise
to anyone  But tha can due
as tha like let them try it for
themself let them try it as.


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long as I have and tha will
find it out for them self
that is the way that I found
it out Ben  I am tel you this
because I was acquented with
you   So that is enuff of that.
last Saturday morning thar was
three of hour company was order
a way with th two rashens
tha have not returned yet
thar was twenty five com
back this morning and brot
with them fifty seven prisoners
witch tha captured up Sent
Frances river tha captured about
one hunnerd thousanand
of Bacon and a lot of salt
and a lot of flower and twenty
five hogshead of sugar and
sixty three bailes of molases
We due Ben I want you to
write to me as sone as this
com to hand.  Direct to


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W. F. Adams 11 Regiment
Ind. Volunteers Comp F.
I got a letter from John Adams
the other day that Robert
McCalment was coming to
see his boys  I have not
see neather Wilson ar
 Jim sence the first of June 
the last a count I had of
them tha was at Grand Junction
Tennisee   tha may be in
Alabama by this time
for all I now  now Ben I
will tel what hapen
sence I have bin writing
this letter. I hared the drums
and fifes a playing  I jumped
up and rund to see what
regiment was coming in
and when I got thar what
was it but a man with
a plank fasten on his back
rote on it thief with


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gard at each sid of
tha was drumming him
out of servis  he be long
to the forty sixt
Regiment, Ind.

            Remains yours

            (signed) William F. Adams



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.