Smith Family Letters


Letter from
Martha Jane "Mattie" Smith
to Benjamin W. Smith

November 16, 1862

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                            Sunday morning
                            November 16th/62

My dear brother
                             We have just received
two letters from you, one dated Novem
ber 8th  the other 10th   we are very sorry
indeed to hear from that you dont  get our
letters  this is the third one I have
written to you  I put one in the
office to you 8th  father and Alvah
each sent you letters the 12th Nov.
and I dont see why our letters dont
go  We are very sorry to hear you are
so afflicted you must not think
because not you dont get our letters
that we have forgotten you for that
is quite a mistake  we think as
often of you as you can think of
us at home   Father says if you get
much sick he wants you to go to
the hospital and he will go and


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try to prevail on the hospital
doctor to get you out of this black
Abolition war now    we dont want
you to stay in the camp until
you are almost dead for there is
no chance to get you out while you
stay in camp  Andy Fukeway
wrote a letter to old Harlan Carter
that if he did not come after Bill
he would not live one month
if he is not gone he intends going
in a few days (Bill is in Nashville,
Tenissee)   Sam is sick he intends going
to see him in his route 
There has been a good many
deaths since I wrote before  Thadeous
Bass, Bish Fox’s wife and two
of Tom Colemans children   Toms
children died with Dyptheria
Old Mr. Berreman, Rhoda Bing
and Mrs. Card who lives in the
east end of their house was here
all night last Tuesday night-all


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they had been to Indianapolis and
it got so dark by the time they got
here that Mr. Berreman could not see
to drive any further  He is as funy as
ever Deel is going to the free school.
Puss Gregg is married to Doc Searce &
Mary Nave married to Hub Linkcum-
felter  Jim Downard is at home 
came home sick he lay at Berremans
about two weeks not expected to live 
couldn’t get home
   McDaniels is on this circuit again
he is exploding about now- (3 o’clock)-over at the
school house  I dident think it worth
while going to hear him
Mr. Henson moved out Wednes-
day  I suppose Ol will have some
more schollars she has never had
but very few yet  I have over sixty
names on my book but averages
about 45 or 50
        Father and Alvah made four
barrels of cider last Saturday which


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  makes fourteen barrels he has made
this year  he intends putting these three
in the cellar and putting something in
them to keep them sweet  there is some
more  apples in the orchard but Father
has given them to uncle Robert
Old Isom is making his money back
right fast this fall   his cider mill
has been going nearly day and night
for about two or three weeks and he gets
twenty five cents for every barrel that
is made.  Miller and George went to
Danville the other day and as they were
coming home Miller’s horse threw him
off [word unclear] old Biles  he come sprawling
on the ground face foremost was
senseless for awhile they carried him in Biles
house  Old Smoot is so busily engaged bui-
lding his house he will hardly stop to sell a slate
pencil  it is nearly finished a calf eat the daily
papers up the other day   Smoot declared the
stier had all the news that day
 Mother has fixed an envelope to send you
in this weeks inquirer   it has glorious
Democrat news in it  you must not quite
writing because you dont get our letters
because we will write to you once or
twice a week  I will write another one
the last of this week again.  I suppose
you will get about three letters from home
when you get to Columbus.  when you
dont get letters you may think it is because
they dont come not because we dont
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write them   Andy Johnson wrote back
to his wife that he was a better union man
now than he ever was & he dident want her
to associate with secesion  Write often we are always
anxious to get a letter from you  We will write once or
twice a week

                                                (signed) Mattie J. Smith

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  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.