Smith Family Letters


Letter from
John W. Smith to
Benjamin W. Smith

December 25, 1862

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             Dec. 25, 1862

              Dear Son  I once more take
my pen in hand to inform you that we
are all well   Hoping these lines may
find you in better health than when
you last Rit   I started to go take
you three days a go & found I could
not get through at Cairo & turned
back at Mattoon Illinois   I never
hated to give any trip up so bad but I
could not do animpasabillity  if I had
started 3 or 4 days sooner I could got
through   I am waiting to hear that the
way is open for travel & I am coming
certain if I live   we got a letter near
2 weeks ago & you was near Oxford &
verry unwell  I do not want you if there
is any way to avoid it to lay out on
the ground without any tent & at the
same time having the Rheumatism  you
shurly can never get any better and
all chances to get worse under such


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  treatment  you shurly can get to go
to a hospittal where you will not have
to travel & will shurly have better
treatment than is possible under presant
arrangements   I think if you are a bad
off with the Rheumatism as you say & in
Addition have the diarea & Piles if there
is any humanity shown to privates you
can get a discharge or leave of
absence untill you get able for
service again (if ever)  I well new
you had not constitution sufficient to
to go through a campaign  I am shure
you was well told of it before you
Volunteered but none of us can help
your condition now   I am coming &
if I can prevail on the authorityes
to let you off I shall shurly try if
you are not a great dale better we have
ritten a great  amount of letters to you & from
your report you have not got but 2 of
them   I rite with but little faith in

your getting this for you perhapse


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  are not with the army & if not will
be shure not to get it   if you do
Rite immediately so I may no where to find
you   Direct one to Cairo& one home So
if I get Started before I get one that
I may get the Cairo one.   Willson and
Jim McCalment is in the same
army with you and perhapse you never
have seen them   I have nothing strange
to tell you a bout home if you are
living & I keep up I will see you
as soon as I hear the way is open  
         So no more at presant  
                      Yours respectfully,

  to B.W. Smith
(signed)  (J. W. Smith )



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