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Letter from Abraham Slough
to Lydia A. Slough

July 24,1862

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                                             Camp Clear Creek Mississippi
                                                         July 24th 1862
                                   My dear and loving Wife I again take this
oportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know first that I am
Still Enjoying good health and am in as good spirits as the nature
of circumstances can admit for all of which I Still feel truly thankful
and I do Sincerely hope that this may Reach you and find you all
enjoying good health and be in fine Spirits,  Lydia I must say
to you now that I Recieved another letter from you datid 12th Just
which I was glad to Read and to hear that you was getting along so
well and I do hope that you may continue to do well and be well
[this entire line is creased and illegible??????????????????????]
dear ones at home  I must say just Just here that I have Stood being
away from you  all much better than I Expected I have [Exertid?]
my mind more that a litte to keep from being too Much Excited
or probably home Sick, although I have wanted to see you all and
Enjoy your company as bad as any person aught to I have never got
Sick over it, I have never Suffered my mind to become so week, and
another thing is I have Enjoyed good health.  I cannot tell how it would
be with me Should I get Sick I imagion bad anough for then I 
could not keep from my mind your goodniss and kindness to me
in times of former Sickness when you would constantly wach over me
but anough of this and I will try to commence another subject



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Lydia you said in your last letter that you had not heard
from me Since the letters that Dyars took with them I was ordered
on a march in a few days after Dyars left here and I could not get
to write to you for several days when I did get to write I tried to
make it up for I wrote you two letters in one day I am now writing,
you two letters per week and Expect to while we Stay here I am
indeed truly sorry that the males are so uncertain as they are I know
there is lots of letters we have wrote that neither of us have got, but
I intend if I live to let you hear from me as often as posible and
I have no doubt you will do the Same by me, if I thought the
letter would not get lost I would Say to you to Send me one dollars
worth of postage Stamps but I am afraid I never would get them
I got them you sent in your letter you sent by W.T. Mounts,  So I think
I will Just send letters after I have used all the Stamps I have
without Stamps and you can Just as Easy get stamps at home and
give one for Every letter you get as to send them to me and have me
to put them on,  it is out of the question to get stamps here I have
Some yet that I got when we pased Cairo company here,  I have got
the White River Gazett for 3 or 4 weeks  I do not know whether you ordered
them  Sent to me or not they are a welcome visator Indeed but we get
later news than I can get by the Worthington Paper and if you need the
paper you had better take it yourself I see in the last one I got of the
date of the 17th that Volunteering goes on very slow and in all probability
there will drafting have to be done if there does I will Surly have to fairly
Jump up and down and say goody, goody, I Expect Some of the Boys


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are beginning to tremble when any of the boys goes from our settlement
I want you to let me know as soon as posible and let me know whether
they were drafted or volunteered for I believe there will have to be drafting
done  There is good chance in this Regiment for a good many of the boys
if they want to go Imediately into Service but I want you to keep Billey
with you if Posible for in all probebility you will not get another as good
a hand if I was in your Place I woould know how much I had to
pay him  They may charge you an Exorbetant price though I hope not
    Dear Lydia I do not think you need give yourself any uneesiness
about us having to go to Richmond I am of opinion now that we will
Stay in this Region of Country until fall I heard our gr Master say
This morning That his opinion was we would Stay here at least two months
it would be a Source of great Pleasure to me if while we were staying
here I could get to [come?] and see you all if only for one week but
There is no use of talking about it I wanted to get to come on the [Recr-
-uitng?] Service as There are Several Sent out of our Regiment but I could
not get to come So I will Just wait Patiently for the time to come
when I can get to come and Stay,  Lydia There is a little mater that I
never have heard any thing about that is, I sent a Book home by the
Dyars that I Bought in Boonville more for a  Relick  than any thing Else
if you have not got it I want you to get it,  Lydia B F Danley got a
letter from his Brother the other day That Stated that Hilery Shouse
was dead he died in the Hospitle at New Orleans Franks Brother is
in the [21st?] Regiment they are at Batten Rouge LA, we have the news here
that they are taken prisoners but I do not believe the Report yet



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I must now Inform you of the State of the wether here
Just now it is quite cool for This country we have had some rane
which has cooled the are Though as a common Thing now the
Thermometer Stands at 105 which is abot 10 degrees hotter than
in Old Hoosier but we do not do much now for it would be
out of the question  for us to do much, Lydia you said in
your letter you wanted me to give the girls good advice as often
as I could I do not know that I can give them any better advice
than I did in the letter you spoke of , if I was at home I would
like to asist you in giving advice to them but I am in hopes  they
do not need much and that you are fully able to give all
that is necessary.  I want you in your next letter to send me
the weight of Each of the Children and let me See how they have
growed or whether they have growed any or not, I want you to
atend to That profile matter I wrote to you about in my last letter
  Well now I have wrote my Sheat nearly full and have not wrote
anything of much Importance for things in the news line here is
dull and nothing of Intrest transpiring  So I will close by saying
that May god in his Infinite mercies  Bless and protect both
you and me and Spair our lives and preserve our health until
we can be permited to meet again In this world and Embrace
Each other is the Prair of your loving husband
                                                             Abr~ Slough to
                                                            Lydia A, Slough



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.