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Letter from Abraham Slough
to Lydia A. Slough

June 23,1862

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                                                        Camp Clear Creek  Mississippi
                                                                   June 23, 1862
                                                  My dear and Loving Wife I again Seat
myself this Morning to write you a few more lines in order
in the first place to let you know that I am yet in good   
health for which I do Sincerely thank my heavenly father
and I do hope that these few lines may reach you and find
you all Enjoying good health and in good spirits
       Lydia I wrote you a letter I think three days ago but as the
males are So uncertain And as I have a good Chance to write
and Send you to you direct I would think myself more
Than mean if I did not Send you a few lines, well we
are here yet and how much longer we may have to Stay
here I cannot tell there is some news aflote that we will
leave here before many days but how true it is I cannot tell
or where we would go if we would leave here unless we were
Sent to Richmond I believe I would rather go to richmond
than to Stay here for I have come out to asist in Putting
down this Rebelion and where I can do the most good is
Just whare I want to be and as I believe we could do
more at Richmond than I can do here I would rather
be thare for I feel Just as though Genl McCllelland was
going to get whiped at that place I give you all of what
I thought about that matters in my last letters which I 



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hope you will get for there is Some things I wrote in
that letter to the girls that I want them to hear of  
which I have not time to write in this letter for uncle
William and Robert Dyar are going to Start back tomorow
they Just came yesterday Eavenig they donít Seem to have any
disposition to want to Stay with us long, there visit to us
of course is not with as much Satisfaction  as it would be
under other circumstances as Poor Wm W. Dyar  Died yesterday
morning at ten oclock and his father got here to camp in
the afternoon he went Imediately to See will, but they was
Just Returning from the Berring as his father got thare
      Lydia the male has just got in and I got your letter
of the 14th I was glad to hear of the continued good health
our family Enjoyed but feel Sorry for you in your Situation
and Shal feel uneasy about you until you get better all I
can do is to Submit you into the hands of you creator and
trusting in him I will try to content myself as well as I can
I see from your letter that you nor any that I have written to
get my letters I wrote to N B. Watson more than a month ago
I got a letter from him and many a few days ago and answered
it the next day I slso started another letter to Messer yesterday
I answered John [Haxtons?] letter in a day or two after I got his
I also answered R [Heninairels?] letter and I See there are Several
letters I have written to you that you never got, from your letter
I see you never have been informed of the Skirmish we was in
when Will Dyar got wounded I will now give the Information     


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on the morning of the 28 of last month while we were laying
before Corinth there was an order for a general move of the whole
army we all advanced about a mile when we halted our
Company with a company of the 26th Missouri Regiment was ordered
to scour the woods on our left we deployed as Skirmisshers and
after advancing, about a mile we came upon the Enemies Tickets
who fired a Volley into us Wounding Wm Dyar I was about ten
Steps on the right of Wm we all Secured ourselves as best we could
trying to get a Shot but the Rebels was concealed and general Bufort
ordered us to advance at a double quick a hundred yards we not
only double quicked but we went at them on the runs when we
Received another and more Severe fire from the Enemy we were
Commanded to halt when four or five of our boys got a Shot
 but with what Effect we could not tell as the Rebels were run
=ning and about one hundred yards off the woods was very
thickety and I with some Seven or Eight Wm Dyar  being one
was in and near the Road we went out on and consequently
were in open ground it was not until we were halted the
Second time we had advanced that I knew that Will was
wounded when we were ordered to Retreat I went to Will
asisted Cap in carying him back a peace where we was
met by the Pall Bearers I never got to See Will any more but 
I can tell you when we lost Will we lost one of our Best boys.
   This is about as true a statement of that little afair as I can
give it in a Short letter, Jo McElhaney also got Struck with
a Spent Ball on the left collor bone but did not hurt him much



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So that is enough about that little Skirmish, you say in
your letter that your Billy has a notion to Volunteer
I will just say to will that unless there is more necesity for
Volunteers than there is at presant my opinion is you had
better stay at home I have tried it an you have not I
Speak from Experience but now do as you pleas and I am
Satisfied I would like to get a letter from you I want you
to stay with Lydia till I get home then you may go to war.
      Lydia I am glad to hear of our Wheat and clover looking
so well but I am afraid of the Rust for Robt Dyan say there
is some wheat already Struck,  I heard of the Horses running away
Soon after it hapenid Messer wrote to me about it.
      Lydia I have drawn no money yet Since that I sent you
and  I Cannot tell when we will draw I wish I had some
now to send to you as I have such a good chance for I
Expect you are needing money, five days more and there
will 4 months be due me, I will send you money as soon as
I can I Expect I will fall short $9,10cts in the next payment
as we overdrew that amount over what was due us the other
payment, Lydia uncle William Dyar Says he is going to take
this letter to you I want you to give him a good dinner and
he can tell you a heap of what he has seen in this Secesh
country, I must come to a close hoping when I get an answer
to this letter I may hear of you being over your dificult situation
        I Remain as Ever your Loving, Abrm Slough
                                              To Lydia A. Slough



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.