Abraham Slough Letters


Letter from Abraham Slough
to Lydia A. Slough

May 21,1862

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                               Camp Near Corinth         
                               Miss  May 21 1862                                                                              

                                    Dear and Loving wife
                               I seat myself again this
morning to write you a few lines to let you
know that I am well and harty and in
the best of spirits for which I truly feel thankful
and hope at the same time that these few lines
may Reach you and find you all in the same
state both as to health and Spirits.
I can inform you that I Received your welcome
letter of May the 9th late last eavening, which
gave me much Satisfaction although you called
it uninteresting, but let me tell you that a
Letter from you only stating, that you are well
is of great Interest to me.  Well Lydia,
you Say in your letter that you do not know that
you will get to hear from me until this battle
goes off  I do not know that you will for Colon
Alexander Says our letters stop at Hamburg, but
I will write to you at all Events



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Well Lydia I will now give you a little Sketch
of what we are doing, we have moved Since I
wrote you we are now within five miles of Corinth
our front columns and pickets have been skirmishing,
Ever Since we have been here but there has been
no general Engagement and I would not be
Surprised if there would not be any under 8 or 10
days though it may begin within 24 hours and
again we may have none at all the Rebles may
do here as they did at York Town Evacuate
all I ask of them in the world is just to Stand
and fight us for unles I am greatly mistaken
of all the thrashings you Ever heard of they
will git the worst one  Just as I comenced
writing This letter there was a few minuts of
Pretty Keen fighting, out on our right I have
no news from it yet of what they done, day
before yesterday there was 95 Rebels came over
at once and gave themselves up, yesterday we
toook two cannon from them, Though I under=


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that we have some bad luck our own Cavelry
and Infantry got to fighting, through a mistake
and killed some 40 men this is all an account
of bad management this is twice we have done
this within two weeks, a most unfortunate thing
I do not know that I will Say any more of
what we are doing although I could fill this
letter full of it and if I was at home I could
talk to you for days  Endways about what we
are and have been doing,  I do sincearly desire your
prayers in cooperation with mine that I may be
Permited to return home to Enjoy the hapiness of
our family  Sircle again,  which if I live I think
I will not be very long before I can See and
talk with you face to face.
    I also got a letter from [Misser?] yisterday which
I will not answer for two or three days So that
you may have an oportunity of hearing from
me Evry few days that is if the males go through
I got and answered a letter from Jacob Keck



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a few days ago I told Jacob to let you see the
letter for I want you to hear from me Evry few
days if I can for I think I know how you feel
about me Especialy just now
      I also got a letter from John T Slough yesterday
he is well and harty he is at Cumberland ford
Ky  he Expects they will have a fight soon but
he seems to be full of confidence of Success
      I understand the People back in Indiana
are getting, worse than they were when we left
than about this was I understand there is a
great many denouncing us soldiers as abolitionists
fighting to free the negroes all I want is that they
that talk So now will Say the same when we get
home,   Lydia I will have to close all I can
Say to you is, do the best you can and I will
help you all I can in the way of sending you
money and any advice I can give you I will do
trusting, in god that I may be permited to Return
to you before long, I Remain your loving husband
until death from A. Slough to L A.  Slough



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.