Abraham Slough Letters


Letter from Lt. James E. Hyden
to Lydia A. Slough

February 18, 1863

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                                Camp 59th Regt Ind Infty., Memphis
                                                                Feb 18th 1863         

  Mrs. A. Slough,
                           Its with great sorrow and
regret that I write to you this Morning  to infor
=m you of the death of your Husband Abreham
Slough.  he died at the Overton Hospital
in Memphis Monday Morning the 16th Inst. at
2 Oclock Morning.  I did all in my power
to get leave of abscence to bring his rem
anes home—but failed to get leave,
I saw him burried in the [Elem?] Wood
Cemetry One and a half Milds South East
of the citty, and near our Camp. if you wish
his remines moved there will be no trouble in
doing so, I have been careful so as to give the neces=
sary instructions to any one coming for him in
case we should Move which I expect we will
do shortly.  the Coffin used was a good plane
one without being panted. the net size is as
folows 6 ft 5 inches in length.  20 ˝ inches in
width. 15 ˝ inches in debth. this is the correct
masure of the Coffin I was particular about



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thinking it would be an advantage in case a box
lined with zink was used in place of a Metalic
Coffin, there will be no dificulty in finding the
Cemetry or Grave yard by inquireing at the citty
for instructions how to find the grave I will
give a Map on the oposite page as best I can
this will enabel any one to find the grave with
=out any troubel.  there is quite a number of fresh
graves clost to where he is buried. there is three
Oak trees standing a few steps from the grave these
trees I will designate by figures l—2 and 3 the
figure 3 will represent the largest tree and is
full two feet true at the stump.  this tree stands
about 8 steps South of the grave the other two are
north of the grave.  there is a small board at the
head of the grave which has the folowing inscrip=
tion.  A. Slough From State of Indiana
Co. A. 59th Regt
                           In bhaf of the Bereved Family of
Sergeant Slough I would say the entire cimpa
thy of all the Company are for them.  he expressed
a wilingness to go his daily walk and conver
sation told that he was prepared to go that home

prepared for those Who put there trust in the Lord


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[Diagram of grave that includes
paragraph below]


The Grave that has
the cross thers      is
the Orderlys  grave.
the inscription on the
head bard is to the                                                



[Letter continues from page 2] 

in conclusion I would say if there is
any further instructions that I can give will
take plasure in doing so.
            Respectfuly Your Friend in this time of
   Bereavement        James E. Hyden Lt Co “A 59 Regt”



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