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Letter from Abraham Slough
to Lydia A. Slough

September 7,1862

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                                 Camp Rienzi    Mississippi
                                                                           September 7th 1862
                                My Dear and Loving Wife I again
This Sunday Eavening  Seat Myself to pen you a few
More lines in order in the first place to let you know
that I am Still well and harty, for which I do Still
Return Thanks to our great creator for his continued favors
he Still confers upon me, and I do hope when this
Reaches you that you May all be found well and harty
and be in good Spirits as posible, as it is at the presant
time with Me I cannot Say that My spirits are as flattering
as they were when I wrote to you a few days ago, let me
say to you Lydia That Mans Mind is Changible and when
a person becoms over anxious as we are here in the army
about this awful war and anxiously ketching at all the
news that is going, Sometimes favorable to us and then again    
that we are meeting with Reverces I am in hopes you can
Excuse me for Changing my mind and getting down Spiriti[d]
at times and then again get lifted up as it were Thinking 
that in all probebility we in a few Short months could get
to come and See and Enjoy our loved ones at home
and it does Seem to me that there is moor turns in war than
in any other Branch of Business I Ever heard of or at least
of any I Evir was in, in my life, that is if you will alow the
Expresseon to call it a branch of Business, well anough of foolishness
I have no doubt you will have the news in your papers of the



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  Reverces of our army in Virginia the news we get here from
that quarter now is awful discouraging  Things looks to me that
there is yet Something Rong Somewhere but thank fortune we do
not find any fault Resting on the troops, it looks to me sometimes
like a Burning Shame that as good troops as we have in the field
that come out to Render there Service to their country and if nice
=so any Sacrifice their lives in Rendering that Service, that they
have to be tampered with as though there was nothing more at
Stake than a mear School boy game, I believe I could fill my
Sheat with Such but Just now I think it unecessary, I want you
to keep in good hart and rest asured that I feel as though I am
dooing my duty and My whole duty, it is true Lydia I would like
the best in the world to see you all and be with you, but under
the presant Sircumstances I am confident I could not be Satisfied
to stay at home when my country needs my Services as it does at 
this time, although  I Render Some of my services in a dishartened
condition I still hope and pray for the better and hope that I may
be spaired to Return to you and live in the Enjoyments of you and
My children but I want to do so when we can Say that we have a
government to live in, So no more of this, you will See from
the Heading of this letter that we have again Mooved we are now
at this little town where we was Just two months ago, we got
marching orders yesterday and Struck tents at dark and got here
last knight Just at Midnight a distance of Six Miles So you can
See how fast we travil unless we are on a forced march when
we make things git, it is not the opinion of any of us that we
are going to Stay here but a few days the troops here are leaving
and going north,
I should not be Surprised the next time you

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   heard from me you would hear of me being in Kentucky
  or on the Road for I Intend to try to keep you Informed all     
the time of where I am and how I am getting along  Indeed I
can posible have not objections if it is the Intention to send us to
Kentucky for it is where I wanted to go in the Start and then
again I want us to go where we can do Some good as I see
no prospect of us doing any thing here,  Dear Lydia your letter
of the 29th of Aug is the last I have got and this is two I have
o yes three I have written to you since I looked Earnest for one
today but it did not come but Expect it tomorrow, I feel anxious
to hear from Nate and the rest of the Boys of the [7lst?] Regiment
as they have been in a battle and got awfully cut up, I Shal
Expect to hear of Some of them being Either killed or wounded
and Should Either be Nates lot I know it will nearly kill
Dolly I got a letter from her a few daysago and I can see very
plain from her letter She is awfully down harted, I am afraid
She throwes Some blame on me for Nate Volunteering as She
Stated in her letter that he got a letter from me at Stocton and
come home and Eat his dinner and went rite off and Volunteered
if Such is the case that She blames me tell her that I do not know
that I wrote any thing Intentional to Induce him to volunteer and
if I had I should have tried to have got him to come into our
company as I knew there was a good chance for him to have done
so, I did not have Room in my letter to Dolly to apologize
notwithstanding I think he has as good Right and as good a chance
to go as I had and I do not supose he  had a wife that loved
him any better than I had, and Then we cannot Think but
there are thousands of cases Equal to ourz, So turn a page



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I will Just say here that the health of our Regiment is
as good as it has been for Some time we have Several
Sick and some of them pretty bad  Lafayett Jessup is
about the worst case we have I should not be surprised
that he did not get along, I have no Idea he will Ever
do us any good anymore,  Well Lydia if it is so that
we come up to Kentucky it may be that we may have to
come back to Indiana for I hear the Rebels have Invaded
the State again, and if we do you may look to see me
step up some Eavning for if Ever I get into the State I am
coming home for a few days Shure, but still do not flatter
yourself too much with the prospect
  Dear Lydia as I have nothing Interesting I will have to
close without filling this Sheat and as it is getting late
and I am going to send this letter by Cap Branch
of gosport who has Resigned and is coming home I will
close, May god Bless and Protect you and my dear
littlte ons is my Prair    Farwell
                                                 Abrm Slough
My Dear Lydia A Slough



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
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