Abraham Slough Letters


Letter from Abraham Slough
to Lydia A. Slough

February 6, 1863

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                            Overton Hospital
                                        Memphis  Tenn
                                                        Feb 6th 1863 

                              My Dear Loving Wife I again
This Morning Take My Pen to drop you
a few more lines in the first Place to
let you know how I am getting along
I can Say to you that with the Exeption
of a bad cold I am about well again
I have no Diarhoea now nor have I
had for Several days I have a good Stom
=ache to Eat and feel well in Every Respect
for which I do feel Sincearely thankful
to My Benefactor for his goodness to me
and I do Earnistly hope and Pray that
this May Reach you and find you all
well one time more for it looks to me
that you have been aflicted your Share
this fall and winter  But Lydia  keep in
as good hart as you can Ever keeping in
Mind the language of the apostle when



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  he Says that our Sufering in this presant
world are not worthey to be comparred with
the glory that Shal be Revealed in us and
again that our lite aflictions work for us
a [fore ?] More Exceeding and Eternal weight of
glory, Such Sentiments as theas Expressid
by Divine authority is what Invigorates me
   Well Dear Lydia your Letter of the 21st of
Last Month is the last letter I have had from
you I hope to get one today and then I
Shal be almost afraid to Read it for I fear
I Shal see bad news but I hope not so
  Well I have got pretty well Reconsiled to
the Hospittle I was awfuly disatisfied for
a few days after I first came here but
things have become Natural and I have
become acquainted with a goodmany So
I can content Myself pretty well I am
up in the fifth Story of this Hospital and
have a good view of the city and River
and I have Viewed them until I have
got tired looking at them  we cant go
out of the House without a pass and I have

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had but one Since I come here I am
going out this afternoon So anough of this
Well we have no news of Interest from
Vicksburg there was a flying Report There
yesterday that Genl Grant was about to give
up the Expedition I cannot Say as to the
truth of  the Report, but I do not Supose
they are doing anything I see a Statement
in yesterdays paper that the Reble leaders
are getting dishartened I hope it is So, for
I do not Supose they are More tired of the
war than we common Soldiers are there
are lots of the Boys deserting and going home
Several of our Company talk Strong of doing
So, they Sware they are not goint to fight
to free the Negroes.  I forgot to tel you in
My former letters to tel you that when I
was in the fort and Saw Jake that I also
Saw Riley Spanihower and Henry Fulk
Riley may be at home he was waiting for
his discharge and was as fat as a Bare
Henry was a convolesent he is in an
Illinois regiment and tolerable Sick of



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Well Deasr Lydia this is a very uninteresting
letter but it is the best I can do now
and you will have to Excuse me if I
could be with you to talk with you I
believe I could keep you Interested for a
few days at least.  I am in hopes the
time will not be long before I can have
that Privelege.  Well a little about the wether
here and I am done for this time we have
cold wether Day before yesterday it Snowed
to about three or four Inches Deep and is
laying yet yesterday the Thermometer Stood
at twenty Eight.  Now Lydia I cannot
close without Saying God Bless your
Sweet loving Soul forever if I am a long
wais from you it donít caus me to love
you any the less I will Ever love you as
long as I live Bless your Sweat Soul
So good Buy for This time I am as
Ever your Loving Abrm Slough
                      To L. A. Slough
  Girls I have no Room in this to write
   to you all I can Say is I wish you
   well and hope you will be good to Mother



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.