Abraham Slough Letters


Letter from Abraham Slough
to Lydia A. Slough

September 4,1862

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                            Camp Near San Jacinto Mississippi
                                                  September 4th, 1862
                            My Dear Loving Wife  I again take
this oportunity of writing a few more lines to you in answer
to your kind and Respected letter of the 29th of August
which came to hand yesterday Just five days coming
which was Received with the greatest of Intrest as all
your letters are to me, for it Seems to me that you can
get up a letter in a better form than I can, I have Showed
parts of Several of your letters to Some of My Particular
friends and They Say you can not be beat in getting up a
letter for general information, and I feel confident in My
own mind it is true you can beat any I have Ever got yet,
but here My Mind is leading off again from the usual cource
of writing letters,  My Loving Lydia your letters found me as
you desired it Should well and harty and in fine Spirits
I do not think I have been in better Spirits since I left home
than I am at this time, and I do hope and trust  that
this May reach you and find you all Reposing under
the Same good Blesing for all of which  O how  thankful
we Should be to him in whoos hands we are,  Dear Lydia
the letter you Spoke of writing to me three days before the
one I got yesterday has not  come to hand yet,  letters are
queer things they Sometimes will fly the track, but I Shal look
for it for several days, I Should have been glad you could have
heard what was in Nates letter to Mary for I feel anxious to



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hear where the Regiment to which he belongs has gone but I
have no doubt you will give me the news as soon as you can
Well Lydia I Must confess I was Surprised when I got the
News of Judge Franklin Making up a company but Since he
has gone into it I would not be much Surprised to hear of him
going in disguise until he got to the Rebles and then Surender
his Regiment I believe he would go and Join them if he was not
afraid the government would confiscate his property he has gone
gone into this Matter for no other purpose than to Escape the
draft, I would not go under him under no consideration, his
own political friends here Say the same, but I am in hopes
he will take a great number of Sympathisers out of our county
Dear Lydia [I?] [Just?] now got the news that the 71st Regiment has
met with an awful axident in Kentucky, That they had a fight with
Morgan and got cut all to peacis, That Mel Topping got killed  I
now feel more anxious to hear from Nate than ever, we have un
erstood the new Troops got panic Struck and run for what was
out, I feel Indeed truly Sory for poor Ames for I am almost confident
he cannot  Stand the Service, Dear Lydia we have the news here that
there is awful fighting, going on now in Virginia, That our forces have
lost about 9000 men and that the Rebles have lost about twice the
number of our loss,  This seems to be [genrl?] [Topes?] official Report, and
that our forces have the Rebles Surrounded,  if this be true which
I hope is, it is a death blow to the Rebelion, and again if it Should
turn out that we are defeated it is going to be awful, with the other
Reverses we are having in Kentucky under such Sircumstances we
Soldiers need not think about home, but if our armies are success
ful in [Virginia?] you need have no fears about us getting to come


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home before the winter closes.  Now Lydia as it Respects
keeping my money, when I draw it, I wrote you a letter day before
yesterday, and told you in that letter what I would like to have
done but for fear you do not get the letter I will again Say , I
have give out buying a Revolver and Expect to Send home all
the money I can Spare when I draw again how soon that may
be I cannot tell but I do not Expect we will draw any,
money much Short of two months.  which suits me very well for
we can then have Some worth while Sending home, now Lydia
I want you all the time to keep anough by you to get any thing
you may want, and then another matter I did not Say any thing
in my other letter and that is this I would like if you could
to hyre some person to cut and put up as many cord of wood
as will do you this winter and then if you have any money left
put it on the depts that are drawing Interes, as fast as you can
for I want us to be out of debt as soon as posible
Now Dear Lydia as it Respects me getting a furlow to come home
I would indeed love to see you all very well nothing in
this world would Suit me better but unless I could come honor
able I would rather never come,  There is but two ways that I could
get to come home now, one would be by deserting, and the other would
be by running into the Reble lines and get took prisoner and then
get paroled neither of which I can posibly do, Lit me say to you
Lydia that cap is not to blame if I could come home on his leave
I could get to come, but it is not as he says, he hymself could not
come any more than I could nor eaven could our Colonel come any
Sooner than Either of us Ther is an order Isued Expressly prohibiting
furlow to men or Eaven line officers which is from the Colonel down



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But Staff officers can get furlows, This is why Archer can get to
come home, True Major Sabin got to go home, but it was on Sick
leave, no Lydia if Caps wife was on her death bed it would be
out of the question for him to get to come to see her, So it is 

[Blank lines]

Now Dear and Loving Lydia god Bless your Loving Soul you
Say your hart is filled with love for me, I could were I to
give way to my feelings, Ruin myself forever for I do think
that I could almost Run my mind crazy but I know it will
never do to give way to My feelings, Lydia you cannot  help but
know that I love you The  dearest object to me upon Earth,
and O how Sorry I have to feel for you in your troubles and trials
I know you are deserving and Should have had a better companion
than I have been to you, but I hope you can forgive me, and Should
it be the will of god for us to meet again in this world I will try to
do better, Let us put our whole confidence in god and keep the 
words of the Apostle Paul in mind when he says that, All things work    
[?]  their for good to them that love god, and then turn to 1st John
5 ch and 3v. and , and we thare find who it is that loves god, for the
Apostle thare Said , For this is the love of god that we keep his commandments
and his commandments are not grievous, now Loving [Lydiann?]
try to do the will of god and Implore him to have mercy on us
and Spair our lives to meet Each other again in this world and
I firmly believe he will be merciful to us, Loving [Lydiann ?] keep
your mind on its guard and do not let it run on me too much
[?} may God love and Bless you and My Sweet Children is the
prair of your Ever Loving husband                A. Slough to
god Love your Sweet Soul I do Say               L A Slough



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.