Jennie McFarland Letter


Letter from Jennie McFarland
to a cousin

May 2, 1865

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                    Livingston  Ills
                            May 2nd 1865

My dear cousin, do not
my long silence, to forgetfulness, of
 Indifference to you.  For it is
not either.  I receved your precious
missive, last eve. And was Oh! so  
glad, to hear from an absent rela=
=tive, Especialy one who’s gone to
fight for  his country.  You spoke
about  James a comeing back.
I have been looking for him for
three weeks [word erased] but I have not
seen him yet.  I look for him this
week.  Don't know as he will  come though


[This is written vertically on the top of the first page]

  Give me
your address
in your
next letter
if you please
 I have not
 seen Susan
  since I
 Don't know
  as any one
goes with
 her Don't
  care if
  they do
Mc Farland



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Now for something & what will
it be something foolish no some=
=thing interesting I will try to
write to you.  But I fear I can't
interest you.  For I am considerable
out of the way of writing letters.  I
have not writ a letter for quite a
while.  But nevertheless I will try
to give you a verbal relation of
the contents of this letter.  In regard
[word erased] to the pretty girls of this neighbo=
=rhood they are scarce as hen teeth.
Wilse Mgoes with Sally Snediker
Harriet Combs went to canida &
married Dan Spots.  They are back
& living on Crosleys place.  Dan
working for one dollar per day.
Oliver Butler goes to see Mollie
Snediker think they will get married
before long.  Mollie Butler plays a
long hand & gets no body.


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She has got the big head so bad
& so everlasting proud & nothing
to be proud of.  That's what hurts
her.  Mary Smith gets worse dont
think she will last long.  Jane
a waiting on her  your folkes are
all well. [Nalse?] & Mary Jane lives
in the old house on the road [I &
han ?] is at the white house on the
hill.  Think that a much better place
Burl you said you thought
you would be home soon & this
war would be over . think so too as|
it is don't care much.  But if I
was a man I would want it to last
three or four years.  For the army is
the place to make money.  Would
like to get in a battle once in a
while come out victorious & see the
Rebs scatter. 



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Oh! what do you think of the death of
our President.  I guess there is a
great many in this neighborhood
glad of it   Stiles Brown said he
could pray for Ande Johnson But
he could not pray for Lincoln. I
hope Johnson will be harder on them
than Lincoln.  I shall have to quit writing
before I disgrace myself writing
so much & nothing that will in=
=terest you.  For I am considerabe
of a [harrow?] & a very bad pen.  When
James comes if he does come he will
write you a letter  Answer this as
soon as you get it & I will stay
until I get an answer  Give my
love inquiring friends  I send my
compliments to Ben Smith would
like for him to write.  Tell him to
write to father if he thinks is worth
while write soon Jennie Mc Farland
  From your Affection Cousin
Distance may spread between us friend
But our Hearts unchanged will be
And our Tongues will be the faithful Pen
Heard even beyond the Sea.



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.