Ransom E. Hawley Letters


Letter from Ransom E. Hawley
to Comrade Agnew

no date

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Comrade Agnew
               Please read
and correct and
return.  I dont want
to die until this disgrace is wiped out,
and that Home
amounts to something.
If we leave the Preamble
in its present shape
we must fight  the Indinplis
Boys who want to build a
stone monument.  Hope
the flood did not wash
your boys out of your
home,  I hope to meet
you at the Encampment.
Yours in [F?] C & L
           R.E. Hawley



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 Whereas, The true
      monument for
    Indiana to build
 to our Noble Dead is
  a soldiers and sailors
Orphans Home worthy of
the name. 

Resolved We demand
of the next General
 Assembly of our state
a complete seperation
 of the Asylum for
   Feeble minded
children from the
Soldiers and Sailors
Orphans Home. 

Resolved 2nd We demand
such changes in the
government of the
Orphans Home as will



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enable its officers
to receive the orphan
children of any Union Soldier
residing in the
state at the time of
his death whether he
served in an Indiana
Regiment or not.
   Also the destitute orphan
children of  Indiana soldiers
whose Fathers died in 
 any of the Territories or in
any of the states which do
not make suitable provision for
such orphans shall be
brought to the Home at
the expense of the state
and cared for, in the same
manner as they would
be if their had fathers
had died in the



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Resolved 3rd  We will
  not support, and
we will use all
honorable means in our power in our
                                                to defeat
every cantidate for the
Legislature  who refuses
to pledge his influence
and vote for these

Resolved 3rd. An Agent
from the Home shall
be required to gather
from the streets of our
cities, and the county
Poor Asylums such
orphans of Soldiers and
Sailors as may now be
or are likely to
associated with Paupers.      



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
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