Ransom E. Hawley Letters


Letter from
Ransom E. Hawley
to Emeline Anna Hawley

April 7, 1862

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                      No 40 North Division April 7th/62
           Dear Sister
                           I received your's and Pa's
welcome letters Friday evening.
I now believe I can truly say I have my found
my Savior.  I begin to feel my hopes growing
brighter.  We have been through vacation
accustomed to have a prayer meeting in my
room at night but we have been obliged to
discontinue untill last night we had a good
         Our class have great reason to be
thankful for what the Lord has done for us out
of [15?] sic have experience a change of
heart and one has beena member of church
for several years do that makes the majority
on the Lords side.
            The meetings have been discontinued since Friday
evenings (except Sabbath) but will be continued
tomorrow evening.  I was over at Mr. Smoaks
Saturday and the girls made me promise to



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tell you girls in every letter to come up at
Commencement; and I will join in the
entreaty do come won't you?
I saw in the Lafaette Journal that at
the battle of Winchester Lieut Buskirck was
killed.  Were any of the boys of tPutnam hurt.
If you ever see or hear of "that piece" of
Fremont's body guard wandering around the
"well" just remind him that I wrote him a letter
about two months since and "have had no
In your next letter to Henry please state
the fact to him that I am still at C.
He must have forgotten it long ago.
I suppose that Lucy is still well I haven't
heard to the contrary for 2 months "anyhow."
What is the P. O. address of the boys of the 27th
               Write soon.
                                Yours affectionately.
                                           With much love to



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