Ransom E. Hawley Letters


Letter from Ransom E. Hawley
to Ransom and Sarah M. Hawley

June 5

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           Bridgeport Hotel June 5th 

         Dear Parents
                              [Easter?] Sabbath
morning I received yo Pa's & Lucy's
letters. I was very sorry to hear
of [Mr?] Weavers death if he had
been a wicked man it would
have been nothing to have
wondered at but for a man
whose Christian principles were
never critised or questioned to
die such a violent death is something
marvelous. Yesterday was the
glorious 4th We commenced it
wit the usual breakfast of
burnt rice, saltpetre cured
meat and sour soft
bread. At six our Regt was
formed, and marched to about 1 1/2
miles where all the troops were



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  reviewed by old Krys a Hurios
after review we came back and the
beans were put on the fire; Burns and
myself, with another companion in
arms, started on a three miles
tramp after berries atat noon
we found ourselves with half
gallon of berries each.  We went
to the foot of the mountain and
found some splendid water.
On the way back we eat a dinner
of fried salt meat, hot bread
composed of flour, and water
poorly mixed, a few onions, and mean
coffee. This we eat in the only
habitable room of the house which
formerly had been the kitchen and
now could not shed the rain.
The owner informed us that he
owned 160 acres up the river, but now
he is engaged in helping his wife
eke out a miserable living which
they make by washing for U.S.'s boys

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We arrived in camp the
middle of the afternoon, before I
got to my tent, I was very glad to
receive the information that a
package had come for me
in a box sent to Cap't Smith.
I found the beef, dried fruit, etc, etc
in excellent condition. I inquired
into the matter and as there was
an understanding only between the Cap't
and myself; the 1st Lieut suppos
-ed it was the property of the
Cap't. he  The Cap't being
at Chattanooga, the Lieut took
possesion of the three stone jars.
I cannot possibly imagine what
induced you to send me white
cotton stockings. The Lieut resigned
the jars to me, and took some of
the jam to the hospital but the Dr
pronounced it unsafe as it had
fomented I will scald it over.
this evening, I am very thankful



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to you for what you sent me.
Our Dr gets a great many Sanitary
stores so that the boys in the hospital
are well supplied. I Among some Mothers
Magazines the other day at his tent
I saw some with your names on.
I have never heard anything from
the box so I am at present out
of the [creased and illegible?] partic
ular need of it.  The Mr Graham
who is in our co claims an aquaintance
with Lucy.
               Write soon
                     Remember me to
all inquiring friends Yours with love
                from  R.E. Hawley.



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