Ransom E. Hawley Letters


Letter from Ransom E. Hawley
to Ransom and Sarah M. Hawley

June 4, 1862

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          Wabash College. Ind. June 4th/62
  Dear Parents 
                     I received your very welcome
letter & paper this eve.  I thank Pa for the $4.00
it came when I was needing it.
I should have written last night but I
thought I would get a letter to night, and
I could answer two while answering one.
You ask where I will go? I will go
wherever I am needed an wherever I am
commanded whether to guard prisoners, supplies,
or bridges; or to fight.  But I do not
believe the three months troops will be placed in
the advance in  prepreference of the n to well
disciplined troops.  The College company
has fallen through, but my desire to
avenge the blood of Putnam Co boys has
not fallen with it.  There has been almost
a company recruited in town, but as I diddo
not know any one who wasis in the company
personally, I did do not wish to go with



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Of course then my only chance of going is
to go home and enlist which I would like
better, provided I go in an unconditional
manner.  Whatever way I go I want to go
with Jake McIllvain or some one whos I
know has good moral principles & in whom
I can confide. In short, I will say, for I
might as well now as any time, I donít care
about going as I a private, but I will go
as a private if before I donít go at all and
I can get your consent.
I can say now I feel more & more determined
to serve my Savior.  Room mate and I took
upon ourselves the vows of the church last
Sabbath.  We had a good prayer meeting
this evening.  I have not spoken to
Prof Hadley a  about going, but of course
he will oppose as he would for any of the boys
going.  I thank Pa for those little books they
         Yours with much love    /               were just the thing                               
Please excuse mistakes as I   /       Ransom
am in a hurry to go to bed.                       



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