Ransom E. Hawley Letters


Letter from Ransom E. Hawley
to the Hawley Family

July 29, 1862

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                                                                                        5 min of 7 oclock
   State House Steps Indpls  July 29 [l862?]
  Dear Parents, Sisters & All    
arrived here all safe this morning about
5 ˝ o’clock.  At the depot we saw about
30 trophies of Secesh in the shape
of some of Morgan’s guerrillas
not very fierce looking gentry. I was
heard one of the guards say to
day they popped a prisoner over
whenever he whowed his head above
the fence.  He said there were about
5,000 proners prisoners in camp The “guess”
is we are going to Kaintuck to guard
the ballot box.  Our orders are not
to leave the S. H. yard without
permission, that Gov Morton has
ordered breakfast here in the yard,
and that he will send us to
Camp Morton.  We expect to leave
to day. Col Farrow is our Commander



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in chief I suppose, I am beginning
to get acquainted a little I will have no
chance I suppose to go in Bridges
Co and I am not anxious to
Should Jake & Monroe go though
I will try to get in with them.
Before I finished the last sentence.  I
was called to breakfast.  I am now
sitting in the Supreme Court room.
I shall mess with Henry Stevenson.  I
suppose.  Mr. Stevenson says over
half of the Co are married men.
Well I had to quit again to be
sworn in.  "Its did now"  I am
in for, "sartin", I do not know
what I will do with my clothes.
I shall try to send them to Mr Stevenson of Mr Millho
lland.  Our Captain (Bob Smith)
has named our Co the Putnam
Co Rangers.  Good Bye much love
to all
         R Ransom


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  I shall write soon as I have opportunity.
P.S. No. 2.  I hardly suppose my
account of the numbering of
the "Trophies" is correct,
                                      R.E. H.



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