Ransom E. Hawley Letters


Letter from Ransom E. Hawley
to Miss Crawford

January 28, ????

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           Jan 28th    

              Miss Crawford.

[Starting under date and below greeting
 written upside down are the following words]:
Hope those notes of mine [ink smudged] not got to Henderson.
                   Very sorry
Rheumatism has taken hold
again.  Have suffered from
it since the winter of 63 &
    There is no hope for
either of us in this life.
Hot dry weather brings
relief.  There is no absolute
healing balm  Many thanks
for your kindness in securing
for me the reading of a
book I have made many
efforts to secure it during
the past twenty years. it
could not be found for
sale in Louisville. Ky.



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That copy of the History
of the 70th Ind I found.
the name of Chalmers Reed
as a recruit.  This fact
was a surprise to Gertrude       
Williamson his neice.  Her
Grand Father Rev Issac Reed
named his two boys for
eminent Preachers. Whitfield [George Whitfield Reed]
was killed in battle. He
was 1st. Lieut Co I  27th Ind.
You know I am not
fond of the use of the
personal pronoun
excecesively. memory is
refreshing when I think
of Co K. 54 Ind.  In the
summer of 1861.  The three
months men who had fought 

[written vertically on page are the following words]

home safe.


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in W. Vir. Co I 27th. Ind had
gone.  There was nothing doing.
without consulting any one.
I asked Col Miller
(Johnnie Millers Father) to
come to Pville and organise
a Home Guard Co.  He came
the M E church the old frame
building was crowded with men
and boys.  Col Miller was a
fine man and would have
made a great Genl if he
had been blessed with health.
He made a fine patriotic
address and organized what
afterwards became Co. K 54th
Ind. Wm Akin was disgruntled
because those who had served
in the first three months
service were not honored.  He
took it out on me.  I said
nothing because innocence covered



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I made no suggestions as to
Officers.  As to the present. I
am still shut in more by
way of precaution.  Oh I was
permitted to fill my appoint-
ment at the Fairbanks Home for
Aged Women on the third Sabbath;
and last Sabbath went in the
A m to the 1st United Brethren
Church.  Have many friends there.
Wrote four pages of an answer
to Rupert Hughes slanders on
Washington for the Star; same
to our Soldier paper the National
Tribune.  If you have a copy of
Washington a Christenn by WJ
Johnson  The Abington Press
push its circulation.
  If you do
not have a copy please order
one.  I own a copy. Sincerely Yours
                                R E Hawley



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
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