Ransom E. Hawley Letters


Letter from Ransom and Sarah M. Hawley
to Ransom E. Hawley

June 17, 1864

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      Putnamville  Ind  June 17, 1864 

Dear Ransom
                     We received intelligence on
monday of your sickness-two letters from
the Surgeon dated the 4 & 6 & one from Mr Gra-
ham on the 5th.  We also received, yours yesterday
written on the 12th.  We were sorry to hear of
your sickness and of your dangerous
sickness.  We are thankful for the kind
attentions you received & especially
for God’s inter mercy & Providence.  I
trust you have received Lucy's letter
of the 13th.  On the 15th, the day before we
received yours of the 12th we can put up
one barrel containing potatoes dried
apples, peaches, beans, sage, green-goose-
berries onions &c; Also one small box con-
taing apple butter, peach, butter dried
frut, a bundle for you containing dried
beef &c and directed the box & barrel
to your place care of Capt Smith
We now forward to you a small box of
good things—ham, butter, paper, envelopes
&c &c We pay the expressage & hope you
will receive them.  We doubted whether
the ham would keep boiled; & hence leave
 that for your or your friends to do. Those sent
on the 13th were intended for the sick of your



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company and the si other sick persons at Capt
Smith’s discretion. They were sent by citizens of
this township.
  I expect to write this affternoon and send you
a dollar.                     Your  Father,



Dear Son
             If you can obtain wood to boil this piece of ham
boil it 4 hours   I send a little meal for gruel you have butter
and nutmeg to make it relish  Have your sauce pan or
kettle particularly clean and the water boiling
and mix meal with water and pour it in and boil
it some time if not thick enough put in more wet
meal if too thick put in water salt sugar nutmeg and
butter to your taste   in haste  Ma with much love



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.