Ransom E. Hawley Letters


Letter from Ransom E. Hawley
to Sarah M. Hawley

June 12, 1864

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                                    Bridgeport  Ala June 12th /64     

                        Dear Ma
                                    Once more through the
mercies of a kind Providence I have strength, and
mind, even to write you.  Since I penned the
last letter I have passed through a very severe
sickness  My Co gave me up and my officers were just on
the point of telegraphing to you, when they concluded
they would wait till morning,  in the morning I was
better. Teusday my fever left me and I have been getting
along first rate since. I am now sitting in bed with a
barrel placed by the side on which I lean and write.
This morning I was  be much pleased to receive Lucy’s
letter and your note I thank her very much for the nice
needle book it is just the thing I needed.
 Our Co performed the last sad duties for one of its
members yesterday.  His name was Thomas.  He died of
the measles. He seemed to know a week before he
died that he could not live, and prepared himself
for the change. This is the 1st death in the Reg't.
Is the floor laid for that porch? I wish I had,
had my room finished when I was home.
This morning Henry Stevenson sent me a nice can of
peaches I tell you now I relished them.
  Yesterday a boy that we left at Nashville
came up with some Lemons, of course I got a share
and relished it with a vengeance.
 The boys are very kind to me have been since



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I have been taken.  The Hall boys Camp
Clearwaters, Graham & L't Beck especially have been
attentive . The boys have a great deal of duty
to do, every other day scarcely excuses them.
I have not seen Mr. Blinn to know,him and he has
not made himself known to me.
The Christain Commission have a large Chapel
tent for preaching well seated and generally well
filled.  In it there is a soldiers writing desk A
Soldier can go in write a letter, and if he
has no money or stamps, get a stamp for
nothing. I went to church twice, the last time I
was so feeble weak that I had to rest coming back.
I received great benefit by going.  During this
illness God has come into my heart, and I feel
the blessed assurance that I have again received
the unction from above that I am Christs and
Christs is [mine?]  We have a [likeable?] Chaplain        
his name is Allan.  He is from Rockville.
Tell Lucy she can consider this as an
answer to her letter.  I meant when I was
writing about the Christain Comm to have
told you that they distribute papers free,
and that they have a large library of well
selected books which they let Soldiers have to read
and return.  Tell Kate & Mc be patient and
they shall have a letter sometime. Much obliged
to Jake for his present & advice.



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I know you are very busy and I dislike
to trouble you but now that I am getting well
coarse camp fare don't relish well and
I would like a few extras. If you think
a cold boiled ham would not spoil
I would relish it.  I don't care for much
besides it, and butter can up plenty of
butter.  A box weighing 25 lbs would cost
about $2,50 per Adam's Ex.  If you have not
time or consider it impractible don't senddo it but
all the meat we get is mess pork & beef
and that is tough to a sick convalescent.
           Remember me to all inquiring friends
                                      and don't forget



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
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