Harris Family Papers


Letter from
Josiah Reccord?
to J. R. Harris

February 17, 186?

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Camp Wood Kentuck     Feb 17th

Mr. J. R. Harris 

                        Dear Sir
it is with pleasure that
I take the opertunity of
writing to you to tell you
that I am well hoping that
these few lines may reach
you and find you all well
I received the letter
with the monney that
you sent me        I was
glad to hear from you
and to know that you
were all well and doing
well      I got a letter
from James Hearris
   he is now in a bout



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twelve miles of us   I
hope that I Shall
get to See them well
we are now Camped on
the Banks of green river
in two hundred yard of
the railroad bridge that the
Sesesh tried to destroy they
blowed upp about four
hundred feet of the Bridge
it is now rpaired and th
carrs and teames and
soldiers are cros sing there was a bout
fifteen thousand Soldiers
passed over the Bridge
yesterdy and they are
passing to day      there
more soldiers at this
point than at any other
they are all on there


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  way to Boling green
and to Nash ville
the report here is that
Buckner is killed and
that the north has
posessean of his entren
chment  but the rep
ort is to good to be
true but long befor
you get this you will
now the truth a bout
the matter      I got a letter
from William [Reccord?]
of the tenth he was
well we look for the
tenth Regt here to
morrow      we think
that we will be sent
on to Boling green




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John [Reccord?] is with us
and he is well    I got
a letter from Brother
Nathan       they are all
well but Sarah they
think     She has the consump
tion       I want say that
we are here in Sight of th
Battle field when the [noth?]
killed one hundred and thery
of the Rebels    I would be
glad to hear from you
all     I send my best
respects to you all and
to all enquiring frenz
I shall add no more
but reman your friend<
>                         Josiah [Reccord?]



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.