Harris Family Papers


Letter from
George W. Harris
to Richard Harris

August 26, 1865

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                                          Camp Decatur Ala

                                          August 26th 1865 

Dear Fathe

            Yours of the 18th [ult?]
was just received.  It found me well
& hearty enjoying the chivalry of camp life
as usual  just returned from a tramp
in the country yesterday eve.  had quite
a jolly time among those Ala. Johnies
during my stay.  (of four days)  But upon my
return have not found things as well as
when I left.  On saturday the 24th I returned
found all in an uproar.  The first news
I hear is the Death of an amiable youngman. 
Capt Dobson of Co D the Provost M-
at Summervill 20 ms south of Decatur
was brutaly Murdered by an African.  he, the
affrican was or had been Choping wood &
just returned to the tavern where he
belonged walked up in the rear of the
Capt who was siting between two Rebb
officers Discussing the question of what shall
become of the negroes, and struck him in



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the top of the head with the blade of
the ax killing the Capt Instantly. and
leaveing the ax remain where it struck
tried to make his escape by running.  But
one of those men close by the capt Seeing the
deed done, caught the negro and kept him
in custody untill the unfavorable news
could be brought to the regt.  Immediately
he was ordered to decatur, where he was
kept in Irons until this day Sunday
while thus kept confessed the deed also
told who it was that introduced the
idea.  The mans name is Luna a high
wayman or horse thief & murderer
The negro was executed.  By the
& men sent immediately to take the
man immediately after the execution
            Father I fear that blood leting has
not yet ceased.   that there is more serplus
that will keep in demand untill the
Country is thoroughly purged.  Was in great hopes
that hostilities had ceased.  and we could live
in peace once more.  But if I am not mistaken
there is more war close at hand but from


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a different source.   Yet hope I may be
mistaken for of a truth I am tired of
war.  Yet There is something fascinating
in its romance.  If it be but in the Blood of
a fellow being tis a hard story but
a true one while in battle.
            There is not now any prospect of
us comeing home before the expiration of
our term which is rolling away
as fast as the wheels of time revolves
which is now but 6 months at most
            The election in this state comes
off next saturday.  after that I cannot
cntrive any use of sol large an army as
there will be in the stat.  I suppose
President Johnson knows or will know
by that time what will be done.
                                    I am glad to hear
of the prospect of corn.  would be glad to
be at home to help Sow wheat but fear
it is impossible.  havave not mutch
to write at present so will Close

                        Your Son

                                    George W. Harris
                                    of Co F



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.