Harris Family Papers


Letter from
Lieutenant Bennett Depenbrock
to Richard J. Harris

September 30, 1864

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                                                  Head Qurters Detal 2nd Ind Cav
                                                  Cartersville Ga Sept 30th/64 

Mr. R. J. Harris 


                        I have the honer to Inform you that I
have sean your sun Lieut J. W. Harris at Charlston S.C.
but as we wer not in the same prissen I had no chans of having mutch of
a corespondince but as I was about to leve I informed him of the fact
and he thru me a small note asking me to Write  you a letter and tell
you that he is well and Harty and in Good Spirits as might be expected
under the circemstances.     But he lokes as as well as I ever sean him
he told me to tell you if he you had not sent him those artickles
he Wrote fur to send him one pare of shoes No. 7   2 pr socks Drawers &
Shirts one Hat Needles and Thread f half Doz  Boxes of McLains Liver Pills
send those artickles emededliy and som Stationnery he allso requested
me to send his Vilese Home but the Regt has went home and I
think that at Lest som of the officers have taken it along with
them.   I think that I will have an opertuenity to gon to Chattanooga
and if his Velise is still ther I will send it home emeditley
And if you wish enne Information Write to me and I will Glad
to Give you all Information I cane.  Wen you write to Lieut. Direct
Prissoner of Warr Charlston S.C. by wae of Hilton Head in care of Gen Foster
Comd Dept of th South        I am Vere Respectful your Obedint Servint
                                                                          Bennett Depenbrock
                                                                          2nd Lieut Co H 2nd Ind Cav
                                                                         Command [Detal?] 2nd Ind Cav



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