Arthur W. Gray Letter


Letter from Arthur W. Gray
to Mary Gray

December 17, 1864

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                                  Morganza, Louisiana    
                                       December 17th, 1864
Dear Mary,
                  It affords me a great deal of pleasure
to again have the pleasure of informing you of my
continued good health, hoping that you & the dear
children are enjoying the same inestimable blessing.
Since writing to you last, as I then wrote you that
I should probably do, I have been to New Orleans.
I left here on Tuesday last & returned on yesterday. My
visit did not avail anything.  I was unable to get my
pay & could get no assurance that they would be able to
do so anyways shortly.  On my return to this place, I
found the Regiment absent on an expedition.  They were
gone 2 days, returning after night last night.  They came
back last night, loaded down with chickens, geese, turkeys
ducks, hogs, cattle, sugar, molasses &   The hospital atten=
dants brought back with them, 2 doz. chickens, 2 hogs, 2 turkeys
& several geese & ducks.  I will probably not leave here for
home for some 2 or 3 days.  I did intend starting today,
but there will be some 3 or 4 of our officers (who will be mus-
tered out under the consolidation,) going up in the course of
2 or 3 days, & they are anxious that I should remain & go
along with them.  I am anxious to be along with them when
they are paid off, as some of them are owing me money.  & if
I do not get it now, I may never do so.  We will have to
go to Indianapolis to get our money, so that it will probably
be along about the 1st days in January before I reach home.



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The Order for the Consolidation of our Regiment & the 67th
Indiana is now here & the mustering officer is now at work
on the necessary papers for the purpose of effecting it.
Capt. Brooks & Lieut. Kimbley will both be mustered out of
the Service under the consolidation.
    I had the happiness & pleasure of receiving this morning
a very welcome  letter from you written on the 8th Instant
from which I was glad to learn  that you & the dear Children
were all well.   I long for the time to roll around when
I Shall have the exquisite pleasure of greeting & embracing
you all.   If I find that I have to remain here some
3 or 4 days I will write to you again.  otherwise I shall
not write again until I see you.
   In regard to what Kellie had best do in regard to
going to Paoli, he probably had better not make any per=
minent arrangements until I get home.
   Hoping to see you all soon.  I send my kindest regards
to all enquiring friends.   Kiss the dear darling children
for me & believe me  Dearest Mary as ever
                                  Your Affectionate & Devoted Husband.
                                                               A. W. Gray



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
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