George E. Farrington Letters


Letter from James Farrington
to George E. Farrington

September 24, 1864

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Atlanta  Georgia  [Sept 24th written in pencil]
            My Birth Day 1864.
Well, I could not find Capt
Scott last night at the depot,
though I went down there in the
hardest rain and waited patiently
So I concluded to add another
P. S., in honor of the day I celebrate,
the weather on said day having
been as changeable as a woman’s
temper (is said to be)- from hard
rains, to bright Sun shine-
I have passed the day quite busily,
as the end of the month is drawing
nigh, and accounts must be ballanced,
I hoped that I might receive a present
in  the shape of a letter from home.
but the mail is in & I am minus-
I see by a reference in a letter rec'd
from T. H. that no mails had been
received from the 85th for some time.



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this can all be charged to "Wheeler"
who has been in charge of communica-
tions for some time past. You have
doubtless received quite a mail from
me ere this, as I have written very regularly
and often.  My record is good on that score
and when the papers inform you that
some rascals are cutting the R.R.s in our
rear you can count on the non receipt
of "letters from the front."
Wheeler's raid has not interfered the
slightest with our supplies, as we have
plenty at Chattanooga  and at "Alatoona
Pass", which we fall back on,  when the
Nashville circuit is broken.
I notice that boxes are arriving from
the North direct by Express and
hence I thnk it best to forward my
box as soon as possible provided that,
that promise held out so strong and
temptingly to Indiana soldiers that
they would return home to vote this fall,
is not fullfilled, We donot expect
it to be, from this fact, that the time



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is so short, between this & election day,
that it would be almost impossible
to get there in time, and nothing has
been done, as yet, towards its accomplish-
ment,   I think that we would follow
the democratic doctrines, "Vote early!
Vote late and Vote often"  were the
priveledge vouchsafed us to return.
What does Pa think of the prospect?
More good news has just been announced
to the Army by Gen Sherman, the second
great victory of Sheridan.  I rejoice
that such news comes this day-
I would like to inform the "Johnny Rebs"
of this also.
                  Sunday Morning 25th
The rain has ceased and a cold
wind from the North makes a fire
very much desired.  I dare say it is
colder here at night, at this season,
than with you.   No mails this morn
do not know why.-   I enclose you a
memoranda to go by.
I have retained my letter thus far, as



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  one of our  officers leaves today for
Indiana and he promises to mail it for
me in the vicinity of Terre Haute.  You
can credit me with several for this.
  Once more adieu!
                      George E. F.


  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.