George E. Farrington Letters


Letter from James Farrington
to George E. Farrington

November 10, 1864

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                          Terre Haute, Nov [10th ?] 1864
My dear Son,  
                     I wrote you on the 8th [?] adv
ing of shipt of box & [?]  Express Recd. [?]
me [?] I have a moment to drop you
a line by a son of W. St. John who is just
starting this afternoon for Chattanooga
                  Our elections have all passed-
off well, giving as far as [heared?] from in
creased majorities over the late elections-
for the Union Party- Indiana is estim
ated as good for 25,000 majority- we had
a very stormy day as to weather-but
the people rallied & came to the polls-
manfully –as though they had a work
to do-and must be done.
                    We all feel in good heart & this
fitting out of the Drafted men & the substi
tutes is the main business in town & there
is a large number in the streets daily fitting
out-all in good spirits.  You would



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[deam?] that such a thing as “resistance
to the Draft” had been thought of.  A
better day has dawned for the future
& the Soldiers at the front may be assured
that all is well at home now.
            We have a report that Sherman
has left Atlanta on his way to Charlston
after burning the place & destroying the
Rail Rd. from there to Chatta.a & which is
not credited- Will [write?] shortly
all pretty well-Respects to Col. C & Frank
                                           Affectionatly [yours?]
                                            James Farrington



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
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