Early Letters by Terre Hauteans


Letter from George Jordan
to George Washington Bennett

May 3, 1835

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                                    Honey Creek May 3 [?]  1835
                                                              Dear Sir it is with 
much reluctance I undertake to perform a
duty which is incumbent on me, that is to ann
ounce the death of your Father which took place
on the 22 [?] [?] after a Severe attac of drop
sy which he endured for some Three months
with Great patience and expired without a
murmur) altogether resigned to his fate-
His remains was intered in Mount Pleasant [grave?]
yard on the day following) a midst a [large?]
[concern?] of respectable citizens and after [wards?]
repaired to the meetinghouse to solomnise
the funeral by a Sermon delivered by the Rev.
Mr Strivens.  His cause for not informing [paper torn}
of his situation-- was his hopes of [paper torn ]
& did not whish to call you [paper torn]
(There has been a great n [paper torn]
[county?] for the [last?] [y?]
it is healthy) you ca [paper torn]
good health at pres[ent?] [paper torn}
would been in you [paper torn]
admited) but we exp[paper torn]          
county [his?] insuring [paper torn]



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Archabald Taylor told me that you calculate
on coming up this season & if you [conclude?]
on so doing I think you could make
it profatable to fetch some groceries if
you could obtain them on reasonable [?]
particularly sugar & coffee as they are [brin?]
[ing?] a good price coffee 20 cts & Sugar
from 10 to 12 &  many other articles is[suscep
tible?] of a handsome profit
   I think Haynes is doing a fair business
in the Grocery line If you do not
intend coming up in a short time write
me at the reception of this at what [time?]
you expect to be here or whether this
  I have nothing new as I expect you [paper torn]
[paper torn] & Curry & have Recd [person?]
[paper torn]  all occurances
[paper torn]  Respectfully yours [?]
                                        Geo Jordan


Address Information


[written vertically on the back of last page as follows]
Honey Creek [?]
May 4th 1835
             Att G W Bennett



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