Early Letters by Terre Hauteans


Letter from Lenora Wright
to Dr. Schell

March 30, 1885

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                                      Terre Haute Ind
                                       March 30th 1885 

   Dr. Schell
                 Dear Sir
                            This Gentleman
Mr. John Anderson came to me
today to ask me where the Surgeon
that was in charge of the St Charls
Hospital was and if I remembered him
as being brought there with measles
from Camp Dick Thompson I do
remember that he was there while
I was employed in the Hospital as
              Would say that I am not
interested in the matter only I
would do all I could tohelpget his
Pension and would bespeak your      
influence for him as he is really in-
tilled to it and needs it



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Mr.  Anderson was in th 71.Ind
Vols Co. B afterward 6 Ind cal
you remember we had men from
the 85 and 71 both that had
measles brought to us to the St
Charles Hospital in Terre Haute
Ind        Yours Resply
                                    Leonora Wright
              Formerly Leonora Smith
469 N 3 St
Terre Haute Ind    


Donor and Address Information

  [The above letter was a gift of Mrs Walker Schell  
       Terre Haute, Indiana          March 30, 1885
Letter from Lenora Smith Wright
to Dr. T. A. Schell in charge of hospital
in Terre Haute during the Civil War
She was matron in charge.
Died in Terre Haute, Ind. 1887.
Buried in Arlington, Va. Cemetery
Honorary President of National
Nurses Association

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