Early Letters by Terre Hauteans


Letter from William Rankin, Sr.
to William Rankin, Jr.

November 26, 1843

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                      November 26th 1843


Dear Son

              I take my pen with the greatest of pleasure
            to inform you that we are all well at presant
         which we have great reason to [be?] very thankfull
        to the bountiful giver of all good and I hope you
      have recovered of your sickness  I was very sorry to
    here of your confinement so long but it is the almityis
doings and we must not murmer I am very sorry
to here of the times being so hard in your country I
thought the times was harder here than in any other
place as I cannot any mony that is coming to me nor
Sell any thing for mony I would be very glad to
help you If it lay in my power but I am expect
ing every day to be sued myself for about one
hundred dollars and I have been trying to borrow
but the is no money to be got any way the is
a [great?] dale of [property?]  [?] now in this cou
ntry at preasant I donít now what will be the
conciqunce our wheat did not trun out well this harvest
our corn and oats was tollarable good but no selling for mony
the boys is almost out of hart with farming as the
cant get any mony for any thing and the people is
wanting mony from them. Adam thinks he
will be in the west to see it next summer
if he can get as much money as will bare his
expences.  William Rankin of Bellefont has taken
taken the Bankrupt law and cut me out of



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Fifty dollars which helps to make me scarcer of money
than I would [be?]  I have
taken the rong page but I
have very little more to
wright James Rankin
is in the west some place
one of the miss Fureys has
[chased?] him off  I believe 
I have nothing more to
wright at but that I
remain your Affectionate
  N. B. pleas to remember
us all to David and Family
and John
  your Mother and Brothers
 send their best respects to
 you all

William Rankin
       [?]ev. Rankin


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Nov 26
        Mr William Rankin
               Terry Haute
                   Vigo    .Co.



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