Early Letters by Terre Hauteans


Letter from
William F. Hall
to George Washington Bennett

June 20, 1835

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Darwin   June the 20th 1835   
                          Dear Sir according to promise
I now attempt to write afew lines to you to
in form you of my safe return.  after a voyage
of nine days from the time I left Natchez
I arrived at home where I found the people in
general enjoying a tolerable state of health.
there has been considerable sickness while
I was absent and some deaths amongst whom
were your father Robert Mc Cosky and
Lucinda Isabel and some others that I was not
particular acquainted with .
 the measles are the worst sickness we have now
 and it is visiting amost every family in honey Creek
 also in darwin. there has been several deaths
 with this complaint.  Oliver and Benjamin Wood
are laying quite low with it now and owing
to the unfavoralbe weather we have it goes
verry hard with them



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it has been the most backward spring
and summer here that ever I saw before.
there was considerable of a frost last night
and it has not only been cold but the most
violent rainstorms that I ever saw the creeks
and branches have been higher then ever was known.
the wabash has been out of its banks for three
weeks and is yet rising. owing to the abundance
of watter that has falen I think it is a going
to make produce bear a great price in this
 part of the country next spring. corn is worth
 50 cents wheat. 75. and none to be sold at that
  When I returned I made a visit to our folks
on the hill and found them in as lively a way
as usual and full of conversation.  several
 inquirys were made about you which I answered
 as much to there satisfaction as possible, but still
 I think they would have been better satisfied if you
 had been there to have answered for your self.


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   I have nothing more to write at present
Write to me as quick as you receive this and
let me know the price of all kinds of produce
and what you think will be the prospect
next spring and whether it would be safe
to engage corn this summer at 16 cents or not
for I have some Idea of trying the corn trade
next spring my self.
  I expect to remain in darwin this summer
  and fall and when you write direct your
  letters to Darwin Clark County Illinois 

   no more at present Yours with respect    

                                   William F. Hall


Address Information


[written vertically on back of last page]

                   Mr  George W. Bennett
Clark C. H. Ill
June 20th 1835



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